Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Kate is here and she is perfect!

On Tuesday at 4 am Lyndsey's water broke and she headed to Highland Hospital! Little did she know it would be a while before Kate would actually could say Kate is a little on the stubborn side (still cant figure out where she would get such a trait ha). Lyndsey endured  16.5 hours of labor before being taken in for a c-section and Kate was born at 9:06 pm and was 7lbs 10oz and 20 perfect inches long! Lyndsey and Jeremy did wonderful despite their extremely loooong day! I got there around 6:30. I had to pack b/c we were leaving at midnight to head to Knoxville and I did not have a babysitter. Here are some pictures of the waiting room.

Highland was so full there was no waiting room....and the Grandparents and Aunts (me included) were NOT waiting outside of the maternity ward...yeah right! so we made our home on the steps in front of her room !  
The Harris' room
The wait continues...We were listening for news...really waiting to hear the baby cry!

And more waiting

I tell Kathy to smile and this is what I get... (This is both grandmothers)

I realized I was not in any of the I snapped one

After Lyndsey was sent to the OR for a section we had to leave. So we wait (The grandmothers stayed behind at the stairs for the big arrival)

Cody whooping Chase at cards...I think he was cheating

KATE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is one proud daddy!

Proud Grandparents and Aunt!

It was love at first sight

basically perfect!

Isn't she just beautiful

first time we saw her cry... it was so sweet looking

Lyndsey leaving the OR to go back to her room

Lyndsey seeing her for the first time since delivery. SO SWEET!

Oh sweet baby...

She was always sticking her tongue out at us...haha

Her stats...
Going to see her Mommy to be held for the first time (sorry bad picture the nurse would not stop!)
Basically after a LONG labor the most perfect baby was born! She is so gorgeous! I HATED to leave the hospital b/c I knew I would not be back until Sunday! And I wanted to be there for them and of course Kate...she needs me! Oh well guess I will have to wait.... However I do request pictures hourly! :) Love yall!

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