Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a performer!

John is quickly catching on to when he is in front of the camera....and he is becoming quite the performer! In this video, he is singing Ring Around the Rosie.  I sing it once (so please forgive my wonderful voice) and then he sings it! So note.... it is way cuter at the end of the video! Then when he is done, he says "That's all!" SO cute!!! It maybe hard to understand him, but he is basically saying Ashes Ashes Ashes....Fall Dowwwwn!!! He loves this song!


Sunday, October 31, 2010

Going under the knife...

As most of you know, we struggle to keep John infection free. He got tubes a year ago and still continued to get ear infections.  Finally I had enough and went to see an ENT. I'll spare you the awful details and give you the summary... The doctor was a jerk and basically implied John's pediatrician is an idiot and does not know an ear infection when she sees one.  He said his tubes were fine and if I have not seen any drainage then they are working.  Because I know my son, I knew something was wrong. So like any stubborn mom would do, I opted for another opinion...How dare this Dr tell me I don't know my child! I set up an appointment for that Friday for Dr. Christie in Bossier City....HE WAS AMAZING!! anyways his report was John's tubes have not worked for a long time (interesting right), one tube is in sideways (wow...) and he needs his adenoids out. Surgery in 1-2 weeks tops! So we scheduled a surgery for the following Thursday (this past Thursday).  I took off Thursday and Friday.  Thursday we all filed into the hospital at 6am (Jeff, my mom, Jeff's parents and me)! He was given Versed (anesthesia) which makes him loopy! After about 30 minutes John was hilarious!! They the nurse came and took him back to surgery!  With everyone's prayers, knowing He would being watching over John through the surgery and comfort knowing that the BEST doctor was operating...I did not shed a tear! I was AMAZED I did not cry at ALL!! So thank you everyone for all your prayers because I truly was comforted!

John was gone for about an hour before he was in my arms again! He did fantastic and we were leaving the hospital around 9am!

Before the surgery

The wrist band was the worst part of the day for John. He wanted it off immediately. He kept saying bo-bo (this hurt me big time b/c I knew what it meant)

I thought the gown was precious.

Versed is kicking in....Your brain on drugs!

Versed in full force! He was hilarious!

Still not happy about the wrist band! But he let us put on the cap! Or should I say the drugs let us...

My sweet baby is back in my arms.  He was just waking up and fussy!

drinking grape juice. And boy did he down the juice!! He fell asleep multiple times in mid gulp!

Ready to take our baby back home! We were so relieved everything went perfectly!

He rubbed his nose a lot! :(

The lamb went to surgery with John. And this is how he came back to us! I just loved the Drs and nurses! So wonderful!

Surrounded by all his new toys-some still not pictured! 

John is so blessed to be surrounded with loving friends and family.  He was spoiled with love and gifts this weekend! Friends brought dinner and gifts! We felt so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family! John is doing perfectly now! Just as predicted, Friday he was up and running around as if nothing happened! He has eaten vegetables and chicken! Hoping this is the new norm and not just a fluke!

John will return to daycare tomorrow and hopefully not come home with an infection for a LONG TIME!!! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Asleep at the Wheel

I know it has been forever and a day since my last posting!!! I am busier than I have ever been in my life. Teaching 9th and 10th grade English, taking two night classes at Centenary, being a mom to an ever so sick child (who will be better on Thursday after his surgery- Adenoids removal and new set of tubes!!), being a wife, trying to pick up around the house- which this always seems to take the back burner, and many other things I know I am leaving out! Anyways, I have been so busy blogging takes a huge back burner! I have not even been able to read anyones blog since school which I hate!!! hopefully soon I can catch up!

Anyways, John's new obsession is this car below! The other day I set up outside and let him play in his car while I graded papers. I noticed he had not moved in a while and he was awfully quite.  I got up and this is what I saw... HILARIOUS! This kid ceases to amaze me!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Messy Lunch

I have never thought about giving John a spoon to feed himself. It just never really crossed my mind. Then when we were in Knoxville both kids were eating with spoons! So, I decided to see what John would do with a spoon and some yogurt! It was awesome! I LOVE watching him eat with a spoon--HILARIOUS! He bangs his spoon in the bowl and puts it in his mouth... he's is getting there!


I thought I took more pictures than this...these pictures make it look like he is not messy...nope this is just the beginning! By the end of the meal his yogurt became body art!

Wonder if he is going to be a lefty...? He is eating with his left hand every time!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My little dancing machine...

As of late, Johns dancing moves have taking a whole new turn! He has learned some really wicked moves! It is hilarious and even my video does not do the dancing justice! He sure has some awesome moves! PLEASE excuse the mess he his dancing around.... we were rearranging our laundry room and had to move everything out into the kitchen--which doubled as John's dance floor. Positive side is John was able to include props! Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010


We finally we all able to get away for a short family vacation to Knoxville. We stayed with our family friends The Totten's (The Foster's were close friends with them in Germany and remained very close ever since--they rock)! We had the BEST time! It was so relaxing. One day we went to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies and one day we all (20 people all who stayed under one roof) rented a party barge and went out on the lake. It was SO much fun. I thought I was going to be over whelmed by 20 people staying at the Totten's but it ended up being a blast! There were two kids John's age so it was great! I met some great people too!

It was a long trip so we decided to drive through the night which was rough but John was able to sleep most of the way!

One of the things I was worried about was the stairs. John is never really around stairs and they had two sets of wooden stairs. I was surprised that John did so well. first he tried to climb them but we spent 15 minutes back and forth in time-out and he got the picture and NEVER tried to climb them again, even when the other kids were climbing the stairs! he was only allowed to sit on the first stair and here after that is all he did! He sure made me look good!

Apparently John LOVES salsa...he could not get enough. Must be all the food I ate in El Paso!

The aquarium sideways...

Above the shark tank!

"Look at the fish Daddy!"

John just loved looking at all the fish

The penguin kept hitting his beak against the glass. It was so cute!

There was the coolest tunnel at the aquarium. You stood on a moving side walk and it took you under the shark tank! 

"John, did you like the aquarium?"

I'll take that as a yes!

The Smokies are just beautiful..

John loved Mattie...I was just waiting for her to do something but she just let him crawl and kiss all over her!

James and John!

John loved playing in this corner with Annie
 John LOVED Annie. She played with him the entire time. I need her to move in with me. It was wonderful. I NEVER had to worry about him EVER!!! She stayed with him where ever he was and he loved her. His eyes would light up when she walked in the room!

Anna did not know what to think about my overly affectionate son

John keep your hands ABOVE the waist son!

Captain Totten

My extremely tired son

Finally asleep!

The water was SO nice!

John and Davis
I just realized I did not have any pictures of John and Davis and they played together A LOT! They really liked each other! Of course John was all about hugging him (as the picture illustrates)

Our trip was awesome! We did not want to leave! Thanks Totten's for housing us (all of us)!!!

Now it is time to get in school mode again :( I have been in a workshop for 3 days and I am really sad about leaving John! he has been in daycare for three days and already has a runny nose :( poor child lives sick when he is in daycare! Just hope this does not turn into an ear infection!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Miss Kate is here and she is perfect!

On Tuesday at 4 am Lyndsey's water broke and she headed to Highland Hospital! Little did she know it would be a while before Kate would actually could say Kate is a little on the stubborn side (still cant figure out where she would get such a trait ha). Lyndsey endured  16.5 hours of labor before being taken in for a c-section and Kate was born at 9:06 pm and was 7lbs 10oz and 20 perfect inches long! Lyndsey and Jeremy did wonderful despite their extremely loooong day! I got there around 6:30. I had to pack b/c we were leaving at midnight to head to Knoxville and I did not have a babysitter. Here are some pictures of the waiting room.

Highland was so full there was no waiting room....and the Grandparents and Aunts (me included) were NOT waiting outside of the maternity ward...yeah right! so we made our home on the steps in front of her room !  
The Harris' room
The wait continues...We were listening for news...really waiting to hear the baby cry!

And more waiting

I tell Kathy to smile and this is what I get... (This is both grandmothers)

I realized I was not in any of the I snapped one

After Lyndsey was sent to the OR for a section we had to leave. So we wait (The grandmothers stayed behind at the stairs for the big arrival)

Cody whooping Chase at cards...I think he was cheating

KATE IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is one proud daddy!

Proud Grandparents and Aunt!

It was love at first sight

basically perfect!

Isn't she just beautiful

first time we saw her cry... it was so sweet looking

Lyndsey leaving the OR to go back to her room

Lyndsey seeing her for the first time since delivery. SO SWEET!

Oh sweet baby...

She was always sticking her tongue out at us...haha

Her stats...
Going to see her Mommy to be held for the first time (sorry bad picture the nurse would not stop!)
Basically after a LONG labor the most perfect baby was born! She is so gorgeous! I HATED to leave the hospital b/c I knew I would not be back until Sunday! And I wanted to be there for them and of course Kate...she needs me! Oh well guess I will have to wait.... However I do request pictures hourly! :) Love yall!