Friday, April 22, 2011

John's 2nd birthday (a BE-LATED posting)

I know this is TWO months past due! I have been busier this semester than any other semester since I have been teaching and getting my masters! But better late than never....

We had a VeggieTales theme this year and it was so perfect! He LOVES VeggieTales! I can't believe John is 2...where has the time gone? He is so grown up now! A few things he is doing now:

- He is speaking in sentences.
- He is the most loving child I know.
- He LOVES to cuddle!!!
- He loves to play outside and go on walks!
- He is hilarious...He is always making us laugh. There is never a dull moment with him.
- He loves wearing hats!
- He is beginning to use he potty. He gets a penny every time he uses the potty. 
- He is really into hockey and basketball.  Everything resembling a stick is a hockey stick!
- Since his allergy test, he has only been sick 2 times! He has not had an ear infection since his allergy test!

He is such an amazing child! We are truly blessed! Now here are a few pictures from his birthday.

All the decorations we (Hilary, Haley, Susan, and Liza) stayed up til midnight making. I LOVE how everything came out!

These might be my favorite decoration I made! They turned out perfectly!

John's girlfriend Ava

John's bestfriend Collin

Kate loved the cake!

After his party, we went to the Centaur parade! We had so muchnnfun!! I was John's (Hilary's husband) first time attending Shreveport Mardi Gras!
Uncle John

John caught so many things... He was so popular!

Family shot

One of a dozen stuffed animals this boy caught!

I'd rather look for clovers

Ava kissing John good-bye!