Monday, June 27, 2011

Newest and ever so talented photographer in the Shreveport-Bossier area!

We are always in search of a good photographer...I mean who isn't right? Check out these photos below! This person has such unique style...I'm really impressed

Subtle leg shot... so innovative

Neat angle design and stacked cars in the front while still capturing the beauty of Courtney and Penny (Please ignore the messy plate...photographer is still working on photoshop abilities)

I think this would be a great picture for the doctor's office... Really captures the patient-doctor heartfelt relationship.

Not the best picture but really impressed with how the photographer hid my acne breakout without using photoshop.

Love the focus on the shoes enhanced with a blurry background. Nice touch

This one is very retro with the blurry feature yet still obvious focus on clean lines of the tables.

 Now, I know you are all dying to book your shoot with this photographer.  I am really impressed with this person's potential. Don't you think??  I think there is an obvious talent here.  So who is it????

I don't know????

It's me silly!

All-in-all I think John's first two photo shoots were successful! Now to hide the camera before he breaks it...b/c he has clearly caught on to his talent and is wanting to take pictures all the time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Baby Rap by Lil' John

A while back I was informed by John's teacher that Tooty Ta is John's favorite song.  He apparently walks around singing it all day while throwing in some break dancing moves to spice it up.  One time he even spun on his back to mix things up a lie!

My guess is that this is the baby version of the Cha Cha Slide.  These are not the best video ever but you'll get the point. He will rock out to the song until I pull out the camera...the boy is slick. He does not want any blackmail material looming over his head in the future.  He even had his hat on gangster style... and no I did NOT fix it that way... that is just my sons inner thug coming out. Here are two short I said these are weak representations of  Lil' John's true dance ability...

This is my favorite picture! My sweet little man


Stay tuned for better dance videos......Lil' John Out--

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Trip to the Ocean

As soon as my last day of school (without students) was complete and Susan was off work (2pm) we headed to Baton Rouge to stay the night, pick up Hilary and head to Perdido Key.  It was a girls trip plus John.  Hilary's in-laws have a condo in Perdido Key and so we went down for a few days! It was a short trip as I started summer school on Monday, but it was way worth it! Jeff was in Germany for school so Susan and I decided to take a mini-vacation. 

John talked about the ocean the entire drive to the beach.  For some reason he said ocean instead of the beach.  Susan had been reading the beach book to him for a few weeks to get him ready and excited about the beach! John LOVED the sand.  He sat under the umbrella and just dug in the sand with him "poon" the whole time.  He was scared of the water and did not like going near it.  If I held him he was okay but did not want to get down! I guess the loud sounds and water rushing forward was a little frightening. 

Here are the pictures from the trip:

John's first official view of the ocean


Carrying his own load for the first and last time!
Toes in the sand...

Look at that belly........

I see fishy, Mommy!

Digging with my 'poon

nap time
Perfect place to nap!

Playing with Memaw

Nap time day three! 

Hilary and Susan relaxing on the beach

Trying to get John to smile and ended up with one of my favorite pictures
SIL and me
Aunt Hilary
Family Picture

The trip home was a long one. We decided to head back early that day to make it back Sunday night to see Jeff since he'd been gone for 3 weeks.  We thought we could get back early... but weather made traffic because the lights were out and then John got sick.  I think he was allergic to the fries and a few hours later he was throwing up and he hives. We got to Baton Rouge around 6:30, at dinner, and got on the road around eight.  It was a wonderful trip but just not long enough! John absolutely loved the beach.  I can't wait to go back....

Friday, April 22, 2011

John's 2nd birthday (a BE-LATED posting)

I know this is TWO months past due! I have been busier this semester than any other semester since I have been teaching and getting my masters! But better late than never....

We had a VeggieTales theme this year and it was so perfect! He LOVES VeggieTales! I can't believe John is 2...where has the time gone? He is so grown up now! A few things he is doing now:

- He is speaking in sentences.
- He is the most loving child I know.
- He LOVES to cuddle!!!
- He loves to play outside and go on walks!
- He is hilarious...He is always making us laugh. There is never a dull moment with him.
- He loves wearing hats!
- He is beginning to use he potty. He gets a penny every time he uses the potty. 
- He is really into hockey and basketball.  Everything resembling a stick is a hockey stick!
- Since his allergy test, he has only been sick 2 times! He has not had an ear infection since his allergy test!

He is such an amazing child! We are truly blessed! Now here are a few pictures from his birthday.

All the decorations we (Hilary, Haley, Susan, and Liza) stayed up til midnight making. I LOVE how everything came out!

These might be my favorite decoration I made! They turned out perfectly!

John's girlfriend Ava

John's bestfriend Collin

Kate loved the cake!

After his party, we went to the Centaur parade! We had so muchnnfun!! I was John's (Hilary's husband) first time attending Shreveport Mardi Gras!
Uncle John

John caught so many things... He was so popular!

Family shot

One of a dozen stuffed animals this boy caught!

I'd rather look for clovers

Ava kissing John good-bye!