Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My monkey's room

I have been DYING to participate in "show us where you live Fridays" and since we don't have a house of our own I have not been able to post.... until now!!!!!!!!! When we moved home from Ft. Bliss we moved in with my husbands parents until we got a place of our own... which we finally have now and we close in 3 weeks!!! We live upstairs and have two bedrooms one is John's and it is connected to ours by a hollywood bath. It's really perfect for us! Anyways here is my little monkey's room! We went to IKEA today and I think I am going to do a jungle theme for his room now... I love my chocolate and robin's egg theme but he loves bright colors and I love to watch him stare at all the colors and IKEA had these adorable huge jungle leaves that mount on the wall and a bunch of stuffed animals that are adorable- I actually have one in a picture below!

I appologize for the order of the postings I'm just glad I uploaded everything last night because we are out of town and I am having to work from another computer because mine will not work online here and I can't move the pictures around and BTW John was AMAZING on the road trip slept all 3.5 hours so amazing especially since he HATES his carseat!

So here is my Little Monkey's room...

This is the least attractive part of the room but is my crafting area wear I make all my cards... we'll that was before John was born!! and it's a mess right now!

This is the view of the room from the bathroom. I am in love with my chair for the first 2 months I LIVED in that chair. I slept more there than in our bed. I got to the point I would sleep through the feedings and not wake up... but hey ANYTHING for sleep right!

This is a close up of John's first trophy... my little angler! Oh yes we are famous and everything... we made the paper!!!

This is my favorite piece of furniture... Jeff and I painted this before he was born. The drawers are a very deep chocolate with robin's egg nobs... I am in love with it!!! It looks like we bought it this way! above the dresser is my favorite picture of John. It was after his bath and he is screaming crying and I just love this picture!!!

Here is another picture of my "feeding station." Notice the talevera pot on the shelves... Jeff bought me a 3 piece set for my birthday last year and I LOVE them!! Also there is the camel from IKEA... isn't he adorable!

This is a view of the room from the door. There is a double bed in there with a beautiful chocolate bed spread that I scored at Target for 17$. It was on the clearance rack no price tag and not another one in the store. I was PUMPED when they told me 17 dollars!!!

this is the wreath a friend had made for me for the hospital door. I love it!

That's the tour of John's room right now... sorry it was basically backwards! hope you liked it! hope we can participate again... now I'm off to bed after a LONG day of driving and shopping!

Youngest Angler...

On Saturday John entered his first fishing tournament at Cross Lake. It was a Youth Tournament and he was the youngest "angler". We even made the paper. I know he is famous!!! John's 5 minutes of fame! and yes I believe they are making fun of me in the article but I don't care I am still the proud mom!!!! anyways I entered him b/c I thought it would be fun and John would get a trophy!!! His very own first trophy! Here are a few pictures from the event!

This is when we first arrived at the youth fishing tournament!!! John has his bag of goodies and everything!

Yes that is professional fisherman David Sherrer standing next to me assisting me with the crickets. So into the whole fishing thing!
Caught our first fish....

The official weigh in... His first fish weighed .15 lbs!

Fishing for our second fish...

and here is the 2nd fish of the day also weighing .15 lbs!

Here is the picture of John with his trophy and he is wearing the shirt he was given next to the newspaper article written about him!!! i dont know why it posted like this...
What can I say he is such a natural!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol

I never blog about tv shows but I am determined to get RID of Adam... ugh he BUGS so bad so to my 3 followers out there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go vote for Danny and Kris.

Someone pass the aspirin...Tonight only confirmed that all Adam does is scream... and his fake humbleness is just as annoying! I am sick of the judges bowing down to him too... Seriously Adam has got to go!

And may I add that Kris' version of Heartless was just down right amazing! Now I can't decide who I like more Kris or Danny... they have to be in the final 2... ugh so sad it's the final 2 I just HATE when Idol is over.

Danny's version of You Are So Beautiful was for lack of a better word beautiful! I just loved his arrangement of the song. Danny is so talented! His version gave me goosebumps and the ending was phenomenal!

So 3 followers go vote... anyways I have to go vote for Kris and Danny like 4 million times!

First day of Gymboree

Today was our first day at Gymboree and it was SO much fun and John absolutely L-O-V-E-D it!!! I was not expecting him to last very long as most babies only last 15 minutes their first time and he went15 minutes and I fed him for a few minutes and he played... I mean stared at Lindsey the whole time... He would NOT stop staring at her... I think he has a crush on her!!! Anyways I am just in love with Gymboree I think it is the best thing for babies! Here are a few pictures from our wonderful day!

Here is a family pic with Gymbo!!!
Tummy time!

He would not even look at my Gymbo... he only wanted to look at Lindsey's!
Here Bennett wants to play but John is ONLY interested in Lindsey!
I LOVE this picture... isn't it just adorable!!! they are playing!!! Doesn't Bennett look so sweet!
John is really excited here... not sure if he is excited about Bennett or Lindsey!
Post-Gymboree picture... he is SO tired!

Stay tuned for pics from Mother's day... I am a little behind as our computer charger died on us!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Swaddlers or Baby Dry???

Recently I inquired with my mommy friends what is the difference between Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby dry and none of them knew... they just always used the swaddlers. Well I was given the baby dry diapers at a shower and did not want them to go to waste... I mean 100 diapers can last a week or two.

Well today I got my answer... THEY SUCK! Today we were out looking at a house (as we are looking to buy a house) and before I left I asked Jeffrey should I bring the baby bag right then I should have grabbed it... when in doubt RIGHT!!! Well he said no so I didn't grab it... I mean the house was just around the corner- we'd only be 20-30 minutes... Anyways, while looking at the house I heard an explosion... y'all know what I am talking about but I just let it go as we were about to leave and John was content. Well about 5 minutes later he starts screaming and I go and check on him and there is poop everywhere... the car seat is filled it's on his hands, his face... use you imagination. Great I think now my son is going to get pink eye!

Anyways we take him home, immediately fill the sink up and I ALMOST just cut off his clothes they were so disgusting!!! We clean him up and I swear he cried for twenty minutes after his bath he was so traumatized! So moral to the story is that baby dry diapers are cheaper for a reason.. they do not do the job! I immediately went to Target and bought more diapers this will NOT happen again. (Sorry, no picture it was just too nasty!)