Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol

I never blog about tv shows but I am determined to get RID of Adam... ugh he BUGS so bad so to my 3 followers out there PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go vote for Danny and Kris.

Someone pass the aspirin...Tonight only confirmed that all Adam does is scream... and his fake humbleness is just as annoying! I am sick of the judges bowing down to him too... Seriously Adam has got to go!

And may I add that Kris' version of Heartless was just down right amazing! Now I can't decide who I like more Kris or Danny... they have to be in the final 2... ugh so sad it's the final 2 I just HATE when Idol is over.

Danny's version of You Are So Beautiful was for lack of a better word beautiful! I just loved his arrangement of the song. Danny is so talented! His version gave me goosebumps and the ending was phenomenal!

So 3 followers go vote... anyways I have to go vote for Kris and Danny like 4 million times!

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  1. I'm not voting, but I am with you! I love Danny and Kris!