Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well we went to the doctor today and got his stats! He is 19.6 pounds (5th percentile) and 28.5 inches long (3rd percentile) His Head is 48.2 cm BIG HEAD! I dont know what percentile this is but I guessing it's VERY HIGH b/c she made a comment about his head.... am I the only one who has not noticed that my son's head is GIGANTIC???? Well the doctor is worried about my sons growth so we have to go see a specialist. I am a little nervous b/c it does run on my side of the family. My cousin took growth hormones for years. I am hoping he is just not hit his growth spurt yet! Please keep him in your prayers! I am scheduling an appointment on Monday. This whole time I thought he was getting so big and I was so disappointed when I got his stats. However she did say he is advanced in his brain development because he knows 6 words! At the time I thought he only knew 5 and she was impressed! So my baby maybe short but he is SMART! That at least made me feel better!

Well we got our Meningitis shots. We have decided to split up his shots. Especially since he is so little, I feel that since the shots are one size fits all I want to split them up and not over load his little body. He got his 2 Meningitis shots today and next Friday we will go for a check up and get his MMR and a month from that he will get his chicken pox. I was going to put of the chicken pox but the doctor talked me into it.

So here is a picture from the waiting room. We were so excited to sit on the well side... isn't sad. I think we have only sat on this side ONCE! What is even more sad is that John kept pointing to the other side like why are we not over there. Poor baby! I promise one day you will not live sick!

He loves to push the table around!
After the doctor we met Lyndsey for lunch at Papa's (no picture) and John loaded up on fries again. Then we went to the mall to get a present for Jill who is getting married and did a little baby shopping. We took the wagon because John LOVES the wagon! He started to get sick of the wagon so I put him down and I turn around and a clothes were all over the floor! He had a blast throwing them....

and throwing them....

and throwing them some more.... Honestly I did not care because he was content. And I put my Gap skills to work and folded them!

After the mall, we went home and grilled an excellent dinner at Jeff's parents house b/c our grill is still not hooked up! And John is helping with the dishes.

Such a helping hand!

Now the best for last! Before we went to the mall we went to Lyndsey's to let out Ruby and John played fetch with her. It was the CUTEST thing I have seen in a long time! he would throw the ball and Ruby would put it right back in his lap. This went on for a long time! It melted my heart!

Well that was our day! I had such a great day.... outside of the doctor! And my son was such a joy especially since he did not have a nap! That's all for now! Hopefully I can keep up my blogging into the school year! I can't believe spring break is over :(

Please keep John in your prayers!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break cont cont

Well John finally ate a jelly sandwich and pears! Probably b/c he went to bed hungry after he would not eat the pancake I made him for breakfast! For a while I thought he was not eating b/c he did not feel well, but then after a while I was not buying into his little game! So I decided I was not going to feed him if he did not eat his breakfast, and when he woke up he scarfed down his jelly sandwich! Nap time was a little rough! But he went down last night like a charm!!!! I was so worried I was going to go into next week with him having to cry it out every night, but he went to sleep great last night.

Well I uploaded this picture last, So I will go backwards!

Last night we met Dana for dinner at Monjuni's on Louisiana! He is home for Afghanastan for a few weeks! We had a great time. He could not believe how big John is now, the last time he saw him was in October! And if you have seen John lately he has REALLY grown! I was so proud of John last night he was EXCELLENT!
Before dinner, we met Aubrey at A.C. Steere park! We had a blast. Now that I am working they never get to play together. He is a picture of them 6 months ago! They have really grown!

Here is sweet, precious Aubrey!!! She is getting SOOOOO big! Isn't she just adorable! John thinks so for sure! But he always has!

I could not get John to look at the camera... he was focused on Aubs

Aubrey is walking so John couldn't keep up with her! So he finally just sat down. Poor baby!

So we decided to put them in the wagon! John just LOVES ridding in the wagon!

That was our day! I got almost ALL of my papers graded! Now I just have to work on my presentation that is Wed. Hopefully John is better today! We have to go to the doctor for our One year! I'll let you know his stats!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break cont...

Well yesterday was a BLAST!! I have officially put of grading 80 papers, entering grades, and preparing a presentation perfectly! We started the day yesterday just lounging around! I blogged for the first time in a LONG time! I just LOVE spring break! John eat some graham crackers! He loves them... he'll find a bag and bring them to me! And if I do not give him one he will try to eat them through the bag!

For lunch we meet Mimi at the hospital! It was so nice my brother joined us and everything! John ate some french fries...Finally some finger food... he has been protesting finger food!

Playing with Mimi's I.D. card....

Then after lunch we went out ot Baileigh's to have a play date with Avah! She is seven months old and SO smart!!!! I can't believe she is already 7 months and I have only seen her 3 times and John has only seen her once and shw was only a week old! I just can't believe we don't see each other more often! Anyways we had a BLAST! John and Avah loved eachother!

I did not get that many pictures b/c my camera started to die so the ones I have are not the most flattering of the two!

They played together so well!!! I loved it! It was so nice too b/c it allowed us to catch up too! We are both so busy we NEVER get to talk!!

Her is Avah in her Jenny jump up and John was pushing was precious!

Her they are again! aren't they just precious!

John LOVED their dogs... he even laid down and put his head on the dog.. I could not get a picture fast enough! But it was te cutest thing I have ever seen. I told him to give the dog a kiss and he just laid down with the dog!

Just in love with the dog! I keep telling Jeff we need a small dog b/c he does not like the big dogs... they scare him!

That was all for the day! It was so wonderful just relaxing and visiting for hours with B! Today is catch up day!! Time to grade! And try to get John to eat! He is in rebel mode... last night we had to cry it out for the first time in over 4 months.... I do not know what has gotten into him! Any suggestions????? I am ALL EARS! Okay time to grade!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Break!

Spring Break has been so wonderful!!! Although we started off on Monday with an ear infection... .poor baby! He is really in pain this time. He hates to lay down and he wont eat ANYTHING! I have made pancakes, grilled cheese, jelly sandwiches and he won't eat anything! He only wants baby food! I hope this is related to his ears and not a stage!!!!!!!

Outside of his ears.... he has been SO much fun! We have gone on walks in his wagon!! He LOVES his wagon! Here is a picture of him in the wagon!

This is from this morning when I made pancakes... they just ended up everywhere except in his mouth!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!!

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!! I can NOT believe you are one already! This year has flown by! It has been the best year of our life! We love watching you figure out the world around you everyday! Everyday you learn something new--it's amazing!

What are you doing now:

- You are still in size 3 diapers!
- You point at what you want... especially grahm crackers!
- You can say a few words... right now your favorite word is dog. You point at the dog and say "Daw" It is the most precious thing we have ever heard!!!!!!
- You love going on walks in your wagon
- You have six teeth
- Your favorite lunch is a jelly sandwich... you can eat an entire sandwich!!!
- You weigh 18.5 lbs
- You will bounce in your play gym for hours and not get tired of it! (it also allows Mommy to do so much around the house )

Here are some pictures from your birthday- We took you to Strawns for you bithday and you had a Mickey Mouse pancake and L-O-V-E-D it! I still cannot believe how much you ate of it.

This is how much he ate... boy LIKES pancakes!

His party was such a blast! I teared up once! It was a very emotional time! Here is the cake! Alyson made his cake and did an AMAZING job!!! I did not even want him eating his!

Here is John's cake! Isn't it the cutest cake EVER!!!!!

eating our cake!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you!

He would not dive into his cake... so I tried everything!

He started getting fussy so we gave him a spoon and it made EVERYTHING better!

Jennifer came alway in from Dallas for your party! Aunt Lyndsey and Aunt Jen had a blast!

Our sweet child!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family picture!

John and Bennett in John's wagon! John had a BLAST with Bennett!

John and Grady in the wagon! So glad y'all came!

John loves his wagon!

Sorry it took me so long to get these up! it has been so crazy at work, school, and studing for my test!!! but it is spring break and I hope to catch up on my blogging!!!!
Happy birthday monkey man!!! you are the joy of our life and we look forward to each and every day with you as you learn new things everyday!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay so John has been playing peek-a-boo if he has a blanket or bib...but tonight he started playing with his hands! I swear this boy melts my heart more and more everyday! AND before you ask yes I will post pictures from his FIRST birthday! There are just so many and I just dont have the time during the week and I was sick with a sinus infection all yesterday!

This boy is the cutest thing EVER! Here is a video from tonight! It gets really cute at the end!

Hope you have a great week!