Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well we went to the doctor today and got his stats! He is 19.6 pounds (5th percentile) and 28.5 inches long (3rd percentile) His Head is 48.2 cm BIG HEAD! I dont know what percentile this is but I guessing it's VERY HIGH b/c she made a comment about his head.... am I the only one who has not noticed that my son's head is GIGANTIC???? Well the doctor is worried about my sons growth so we have to go see a specialist. I am a little nervous b/c it does run on my side of the family. My cousin took growth hormones for years. I am hoping he is just not hit his growth spurt yet! Please keep him in your prayers! I am scheduling an appointment on Monday. This whole time I thought he was getting so big and I was so disappointed when I got his stats. However she did say he is advanced in his brain development because he knows 6 words! At the time I thought he only knew 5 and she was impressed! So my baby maybe short but he is SMART! That at least made me feel better!

Well we got our Meningitis shots. We have decided to split up his shots. Especially since he is so little, I feel that since the shots are one size fits all I want to split them up and not over load his little body. He got his 2 Meningitis shots today and next Friday we will go for a check up and get his MMR and a month from that he will get his chicken pox. I was going to put of the chicken pox but the doctor talked me into it.

So here is a picture from the waiting room. We were so excited to sit on the well side... isn't sad. I think we have only sat on this side ONCE! What is even more sad is that John kept pointing to the other side like why are we not over there. Poor baby! I promise one day you will not live sick!

He loves to push the table around!
After the doctor we met Lyndsey for lunch at Papa's (no picture) and John loaded up on fries again. Then we went to the mall to get a present for Jill who is getting married and did a little baby shopping. We took the wagon because John LOVES the wagon! He started to get sick of the wagon so I put him down and I turn around and a clothes were all over the floor! He had a blast throwing them....

and throwing them....

and throwing them some more.... Honestly I did not care because he was content. And I put my Gap skills to work and folded them!

After the mall, we went home and grilled an excellent dinner at Jeff's parents house b/c our grill is still not hooked up! And John is helping with the dishes.

Such a helping hand!

Now the best for last! Before we went to the mall we went to Lyndsey's to let out Ruby and John played fetch with her. It was the CUTEST thing I have seen in a long time! he would throw the ball and Ruby would put it right back in his lap. This went on for a long time! It melted my heart!

Well that was our day! I had such a great day.... outside of the doctor! And my son was such a joy especially since he did not have a nap! That's all for now! Hopefully I can keep up my blogging into the school year! I can't believe spring break is over :(

Please keep John in your prayers!

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