Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break cont...

Well yesterday was a BLAST!! I have officially put of grading 80 papers, entering grades, and preparing a presentation perfectly! We started the day yesterday just lounging around! I blogged for the first time in a LONG time! I just LOVE spring break! John eat some graham crackers! He loves them... he'll find a bag and bring them to me! And if I do not give him one he will try to eat them through the bag!

For lunch we meet Mimi at the hospital! It was so nice my brother joined us and everything! John ate some french fries...Finally some finger food... he has been protesting finger food!

Playing with Mimi's I.D. card....

Then after lunch we went out ot Baileigh's to have a play date with Avah! She is seven months old and SO smart!!!! I can't believe she is already 7 months and I have only seen her 3 times and John has only seen her once and shw was only a week old! I just can't believe we don't see each other more often! Anyways we had a BLAST! John and Avah loved eachother!

I did not get that many pictures b/c my camera started to die so the ones I have are not the most flattering of the two!

They played together so well!!! I loved it! It was so nice too b/c it allowed us to catch up too! We are both so busy we NEVER get to talk!!

Her is Avah in her Jenny jump up and John was pushing was precious!

Her they are again! aren't they just precious!

John LOVED their dogs... he even laid down and put his head on the dog.. I could not get a picture fast enough! But it was te cutest thing I have ever seen. I told him to give the dog a kiss and he just laid down with the dog!

Just in love with the dog! I keep telling Jeff we need a small dog b/c he does not like the big dogs... they scare him!

That was all for the day! It was so wonderful just relaxing and visiting for hours with B! Today is catch up day!! Time to grade! And try to get John to eat! He is in rebel mode... last night we had to cry it out for the first time in over 4 months.... I do not know what has gotten into him! Any suggestions????? I am ALL EARS! Okay time to grade!

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