Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break cont cont

Well John finally ate a jelly sandwich and pears! Probably b/c he went to bed hungry after he would not eat the pancake I made him for breakfast! For a while I thought he was not eating b/c he did not feel well, but then after a while I was not buying into his little game! So I decided I was not going to feed him if he did not eat his breakfast, and when he woke up he scarfed down his jelly sandwich! Nap time was a little rough! But he went down last night like a charm!!!! I was so worried I was going to go into next week with him having to cry it out every night, but he went to sleep great last night.

Well I uploaded this picture last, So I will go backwards!

Last night we met Dana for dinner at Monjuni's on Louisiana! He is home for Afghanastan for a few weeks! We had a great time. He could not believe how big John is now, the last time he saw him was in October! And if you have seen John lately he has REALLY grown! I was so proud of John last night he was EXCELLENT!
Before dinner, we met Aubrey at A.C. Steere park! We had a blast. Now that I am working they never get to play together. He is a picture of them 6 months ago! They have really grown!

Here is sweet, precious Aubrey!!! She is getting SOOOOO big! Isn't she just adorable! John thinks so for sure! But he always has!

I could not get John to look at the camera... he was focused on Aubs

Aubrey is walking so John couldn't keep up with her! So he finally just sat down. Poor baby!

So we decided to put them in the wagon! John just LOVES ridding in the wagon!

That was our day! I got almost ALL of my papers graded! Now I just have to work on my presentation that is Wed. Hopefully John is better today! We have to go to the doctor for our One year! I'll let you know his stats!!

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