Saturday, July 18, 2009

Random Pictures

Jeff is out of town this weekend so we are staying at mom's and I downloaded pictures from her camera. She has some really good ones so I thought I would share them with you!

This is from this morning. John is watching SpongeBob!!!

My sweet baby getting a bath!

He is always SO serious during his baths!!!

Still serious....Getting warm....

We ALWAYS have our hands in our mouth!

That's all of my sweet monkey!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

bib give away!!!

My sorority sister and friend is having a give away. So head on over to her blog and enter to win he CUTEST bib set!!! Just click here to enter!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

carrots YUM!

John has been on veggies for a week now and he absolutely LOVES them. From his first bite of peas he was sold. He ate the entire jar of peas the first time he tried them! I was so proud! and he has eaten the entire jar ever since! My boy loves food ... just like his mommy!!! here are some pictures from this morning of him eating carrots! I decided to take all of his clothes off b/c I knew they would get everywhere!

First few bites... isn't he just precious!!!!!!
Yes these carrots are yummy!!!

Seriously that is all I get???
My little monkey loves real food!!! Not sure what we will do after the carrots are gone... maybe sweet potatoes...????

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our "work-in-progress" foyer

John would like to welcome you to his new foyer!

This week is entrances and foyers. I am excited about this b/c as I mentioned last week we just bought a house 2 weeks ago and it is a work in progress. Yesterday we (as in my husband and father-in-law) finished demolishing our foyer. It was the strangest layout. You walked up two steps outside to walk onto a platform in the foyer and just walk right back down. Not to mention the ceiling is super low b/c the house was not originally built with this so the ceiling was only 7 foot! GROSS and it was made with this marble mixture (it was so ugly!). I am so mad because I just realized I did not take a before picture of the foyer. I went to the house one day and they had already started without warning so I did not have a chance to get the before picture! But I do have some pictures taken during the process and the after product. And I have to say we have not finished sheet rocking or painting so it is a work in progress. But what I am SO excited about is our NEW front doors. The original doors design did not match (YES I know) and the shutters are kelly green and HAD to be changed so we went with navy and it is so pretty. We still have to paint the shutters but we are going to wait for a less humid day!

Here is the beginning...Tearing up the beautiful tile!!!

And now good-bye platform! Here is a view from the outside. You can see the wonderful ceiling we had. Ah the fad of ceiling tile!!! If you would have seen how it looked before you would see the WORLD of difference this made by getting rid of the step!

Hello new frame! My father-in-law built this frame... He is the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!
And now for the almost finished product! here are our new doors. Obviously more needs to be done! We still have to pick out door knobs.

This is the view from the den. On the right is a closet. And the false door will be covered up with dry wall.
This is a view from the dinning/ living room of the closet. we are still in the process of sanding off the wallpaper! It's like 40 years old... fun.

We still have a ways to go. Please leave your ideas on what you would do (color, decoration, lighting etc)... doing all this on my own (as my husband does not care) and it is hard and I would love new ideas! I can't wait to look at everyone else's foyers to get ideas! Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed our work in progress!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Show us where you live Fridays- garage and yard

Welcome to our backyard. As of a week ago we became homeowners and I am SO excited to show off my new back yard. I absolutely love my new back yard. We had to have a large back yard because we have two large foxhounds that need a lot of room to run! I have a lot of ideas for this yard and can not wait to plant a bunch of flowers!!! I forgot to take pictures of the front yard but it is nothing special but we do have a magnolia tree which I was so excited about seeing it is our state flower and all!!! But other than that it is pretty basic but our backyard is my favorite. Our entire yard is so shaded which makes the summers so much nicer!!!

This is the view from the side by the car port which is in the back of the house.

This is a view from the very back of the yard! The slanted tree already has a rope hanging from it which is where we will put John's first swing! how perfect right!!!

This is a view from the house

Here is our garage. It is full of dry wall right now- we are remodeling first!

This is the shed. It is SO nice. It has an attic and everything which is so nice and has a window unit. This is going to be so nice for the dogs in our extremely hot weather! Jeff's jeep is parked there temporarily because there are heron's living up in our trees (3 nests with babies) and all they do is poop and drop crawfish remains everywhere it is disgusting and in one hour your car will turn another color!

Hope you enjoyed our backyard. It does not have much of us in it yet but soon it will! Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can not believe John is 4 months old!!! The time has really flown by! We started solids yesterday and it is fabulous!! At first he did excellent. He actually ate it and did not spit it out but then it got even better when John realized it is way cooler to shove your hands in your mouth and play with it!!! here is another video of that! He is also making this new noise that sounds like he is whining and about to cry... that is in the video too! I have a video of his first bite but it took too long to upload will try again later.

So we went to the doctor yesterday and here are our stats:

Height: 23 inches (3rd percentile)
Weight: 10 lbs 10 oz (3rd percentile)
Head: 42 cm (50th percentile)

Small baby big head! But the doctor is not worried since his weight and height are in the same percentile (and he has not dropped down- basically stayed the same since birth). But she does want to see us in a month to check his weight!

New things these past 2 months:
-talking all the time
-laughing (still have not been able to get a video of this. Promise to post as soon as I do. It for sure will melt your heart)
-sleeping ALL night :)
-rolling from tummy to back
-sucking thumb (cute but not cool! I am doing EVERYTHING to prevent this from becoming a habit)
-watching tv- he loves all the colors
-smiling all the time
-chewing on everything- I think we are teething
-becoming very dramatic (like his mommy)

That's all for now! hope you enjoyed the video! I'll try to upload the other one tomorrow!