Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I can not believe John is 4 months old!!! The time has really flown by! We started solids yesterday and it is fabulous!! At first he did excellent. He actually ate it and did not spit it out but then it got even better when John realized it is way cooler to shove your hands in your mouth and play with it!!! here is another video of that! He is also making this new noise that sounds like he is whining and about to cry... that is in the video too! I have a video of his first bite but it took too long to upload will try again later.

So we went to the doctor yesterday and here are our stats:

Height: 23 inches (3rd percentile)
Weight: 10 lbs 10 oz (3rd percentile)
Head: 42 cm (50th percentile)

Small baby big head! But the doctor is not worried since his weight and height are in the same percentile (and he has not dropped down- basically stayed the same since birth). But she does want to see us in a month to check his weight!

New things these past 2 months:
-talking all the time
-laughing (still have not been able to get a video of this. Promise to post as soon as I do. It for sure will melt your heart)
-sleeping ALL night :)
-rolling from tummy to back
-sucking thumb (cute but not cool! I am doing EVERYTHING to prevent this from becoming a habit)
-watching tv- he loves all the colors
-smiling all the time
-chewing on everything- I think we are teething
-becoming very dramatic (like his mommy)

That's all for now! hope you enjoyed the video! I'll try to upload the other one tomorrow!

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  1. And some big ole precious blue eyes!