Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 months!!!

I can not believe in two months my baby will be ONE year old!!!! This time has flown by way to fast for my liking!!!! He has changed so much in the past month!!! He is developing at such a fast pace! I think he has developed the most in the past month!!!

What are we doing now:
We love to give kisses:
He has an obsession with noses. He does not really grab hair but if you are holding him he will most likely grab your nose... and sometimes it REALLY hurts! :)

He loves to ride on his airplane aunt Hilary and Uncle John got him for Christmas

Here is my cute little hobo on his 10 month birthday!

We also went over to Bennetts and played! John had a blast riding on Bennetts four wheeler! I am going to have to get this for him for his birthday! It is so cool! Thanks Bennett for sharing!

He loves to dance. He LOVES music and Grandmother got him some Praise Baby DVD's for Christmas and he LOVES them! So do I... they are way better than Baby Einstein!

He is almost crawling! He is scoots everywhere! He just can't get his leg out from under him

He is pulling up on things. He can stand for a while by himself and he is learning to go from a standing position to a sitting position fairly well!

Our ear infections are getting better still not 100% but better than before tubes!

Goes to sleep on his own!! So wonderful for us! I just put him in his bed and he goes to sleep!

Loves cars! He loves to push and pull things

Can wave bye bye and hello! It is SO CUTE!!!!

Claps his hands!!

When he gets really excited he says nay nay nay!!! I will try to get a video of that it is adorable!

He is still my little baby at about 16.5 pounds maybe 17. Poor baby- everytime he gets an ear infection he loses weight! But he does have fat rolls!!!

he is about 26.5 inches long

He has two bottom teeth, right eye tooth and front tooth and his left eye tooth and front tooth are coming in (SO FUN FOR ME!!! This has been the most painful teething process yet!)

That is all for now! stay tuned! Go ahead and mark Feb 27 for his birthday party!! Hope everyone can make it!!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry 1ST Christmas

Our first family Christmas was wonderful! John got WAY WAY WAY to many gifts. So much, we actually took half and put them away to regift for his birthday in TWO months!!!
Santa brought me a new compter which I am on right now!! So expect more updates!!! His 10 month coming SOON!! For some reason I can not rearrage my pictures so they are a little out of order so please bear with me.... We had an action packed Christmas. We started at our house, then went to the Glen to have lunch with Grandmother, then went out to my aunts for our family Christmas and finished at Jeff's parents to have Christmas there with the fam! Long long day and I was SO proud of John. He only got two short naps and he was such an angel! Guess that is why Santa was so good to him!!! :)

Here is our first Christmas

This is John in his new chair Mimi bought him... (or santa) Another chair picture... how cute is he!!!

I hosted Christmas at our house... it was a little stressful getting it ready but the good thing is that it forced me to get our living room in "order"... here is the spread we had for breakfast! It was yum-MY!!

Here is the living room!! Santa really visited our house!

Here is what santa brought John...

John opening a gift! One of twenty...

John in his new high chair grandma and grandad got him! WE LOVE IT!!!

John's cute little christmas pjs

John grabbing my nose... almost every picture we take he has to grab my nose...

Christmas night at my aunts

John and daddy!! Isn't he the cutest present ever!!!

my sweet child.....

On Saturday, our cousins came for a surprise visit!!! We love when they come from Dallas because we never get to see them. This is John playing with his cousin.... how sweet! Andrew was just precious!

John and Daddy... we took some family pictures but I looked horrible so I will not be posting them!

Aunt Hilary feeding John after a long Saturday!

That is all for today! Hope to be posting his 10 months soon!!! Hope you all had a blessed Christmas because we sure did!!! The Lord has truly blessed our family!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Patty Cake!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday John started clapping his hands! It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! If you say patty cake he claps his hands! I just can not get enough of it! It is kind of loud... we were all a little excited!!! and John gets excited too, it is precious!!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

9 months

I know my posting are sparse and I am so sorry... it is really difficult sharing a computer with my husband who is a full time student with a paper due every week! I am hoping Santa brings me a computer and then my postings will not be so far apart! :)

I can not believe John is 9 months old already!!! He is getting so big! We are finally over our ear infections (fingers crossed) and so he is getting mobile! It has been 2 weeks since his ear infection began getting better thanks to the evil necessary modern day medicine! John was put on a super antibiotic and it killed his resistant germ once and for all! So, with that said he is scootting... we are a little behind our fellow friends but who wants to move around when their head is filled with fluid and it hurts 24/7??!!! I was told by daycare he scooted or as I call it did the worm across the room! I was so proud! Although I am dreading the day he is crawling, the time has come and I have to put my selfish desires aside!

So what are we doing now:
  • You have your third tooth coming in... it is his right eye tooth... two bottom teeth and one eye tooth creepy!!
  • He can actually wear his size clothes for the first time EVER!!!!!!
  • He LOVES toys that make noise! He gets so excited when he is reading a book and he push the button and music starts!
  • He apparently LOVES Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer I was not there to witness it but he was super excited with his hands in the air when it came on! This one excited my mother the most, as it is her favorite Christmas movie of all time!
  • He is eating little cheerio type snacks (not sure what they are but yes they are organic- can't help myself)
  • He is still terrified of our dogs but getting better... they look like monsters to him I guess because he loves my moms dog!
  • He is jabbering up a storm... He talks all the time!
  • And it has arrived.... He has found his temper!!! The first time he balled up his fist and let out a frustrating screech was hilarious but not so much anymore (ok I do still laugh from time to time... especially when my mom pushed his had away and he hit her back and made the same frustrating screech at her)
  • He loves books, especially the touch and feel books. He loves to turn the page and feel the different textures!
  • He saw his first horse this month (pictures below) and did not get scared, which I was surprised by seeing he is terrified of our dogs.
  • He weighs a little over 16 lbs and is 26.5 inches long! both below the 5% but his head is in the 50% ..

This was his picture from Thanksgiving! You can see his two precious bottom teeth!
This is John and Kelsey... he absolutly LOVES her...Don't even think about taking him away from her, he will make sure it is the last time you ever do that again!

This is from John's first trip to the park! He loved it!!!
John is just the most amazing son, I never thought he would be as big of a joy as he is to us! We look forward to each and every second with him! God truly has blessed us with him! We love you so much buddy!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I know Halloween was a while ago but I am so busy. So Amanda this is for you :)! And BTW I do not have to take my snuggie off to blog... why? Because it has arms! I am subbing everyday at Youree... and am in LOVE with that school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now know what I am supposed to do in life... teach middle school! I have NEVER been happier than I have been the past couple of two weeks!!! Yes I still ask myself at the end of each day WHY but I always have the answer... I just love it no matter how many people I code out (send to the discipline office).

Okay... so John was supposed to be a monkey for Halloween and when we put him in the costume to get ready for our church's Trunk or Treat we noticed the zipper was broken and of course Target was all out. So he was a puppy! But he made such a cute puppy!

Excuse me but I think we need to take John to the doctor... His ribs are showing!!!

And here John and I are after going trick or treating ... I was snuggie!!! It rocked!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

we got tubes

I have been trying to publish this post for 2 weeks now and every time it messes up and it won't post. So two weeks ago we went to the doctor for the 100th time to have a re-check on John's ears and low and behold they still had fluid and were still red. The infection was minor but since he was going on 2 months of straight ear infections it was time for tubes!!!!! So Monday we had an appointment with Dr. Thornton and he said yes to tubes and we scheduled them for that Wednesday! We had to get to the surgery center at 630 and I fully expected a screaming baby b/c he could not eat past midnight and I fully intended on getting up at 1130 to nurse him and I set my alarm for am not pm! However, I was surprised he did not fuss at all!!! I love my child he is such an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well here are some pictures from the hospital.

How sweet is this angel!
He LOVED the paper bedding... all he wanted to do was rip it up and eat it!! I could not take it away from him fast enough!
He left the room around 750 and was back in my arms at 805! Here he is limp from the gas! They warned me he would probably wake up screaming crying but he did not... once again making me so very proud!!! He woke up moaning and grunting like he always does when he is tired and trying to fight sleep. So I gave him a bottle and he downed it in record time!

Since this post is really 2 weeks old I will go ahead on the update... I wish I could say I love the tubes and hopefully soon I will. However, we went to the doctor on Wednesday for a follow-up and he had yet another ear infection.... The only good thing is his ears are draining so the infection is stagnant in his ear. Hopefully it gets better soon b/c these ear infections are wearing on me... he won't nap at all! I am thankful that all he has are ear infections and I am aware that it could be a lot worse! But I just want him to feel better!!! Hopefully I will have an update soon!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This baby is THIR-STY !!!

So the other day we were giving John a bath and we leave the water running a lot because he likes to play with the water. And then he realized something WAY cooler than playing with the water...

Is that not hilarious. I could watch that video over and over!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

7 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!

I can not believe John is 7 months old already... I wish my pregnancy would have gone by this fast!!! :) He is changing everyday and we are just enjoying every single minute!!!

What are you doing now:

You are sitting up so well now!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE bath time more and more everyday!

You love when daddy puts you on his shoulders!

You LOVE to google! (and David wonders what is wrong with his computer????)

You chew on EVERYTHING!!!

You are reaching for things so well. If you want it and it is within arms reach you will grab it and it will most likely end up in your mouth!

You get so excited. It is so cute! You are such a hyper baby!

You have 2 teeth now!!!

You LOVE to cuddle, you've always been a cuddler but the older you get the more you love to cuddle (sorry don't have a picture I keep meaning to get one). You are such a snuggler and love to nestle especially at night!

We love you so much! You are the joy in our lives!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's official...

So this week John graduated from level one at Gymboree!!! Both him and his girlfriend... yes he has a girlfriend it is official... they are so sweet together... they both graduated together- how sweet is that!!!

Here are some pictures of them at the beginning of class. They are playing...

This is his girlfriend Aubrey. It is such a small world... later we found out that Aubrey's dad is my brother's boss

"Oh I missed you so much"

"Try this it tastes good to me"

"Here try mine"

John loves gymbo time!!!
Hip Hip Hooray John graduates today!!!!!!!!
Kelly loves us so much she put on the clown costume so we could take a group picture.

Here is John and Aubrey after they graduated!!! It was happy and sad at the same time.
I thought I would include our very first Gymbo class... look how much he has grown!!!!!!! I am really going to miss level one but I am excited about level two!!!