Wednesday, September 30, 2009

7 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!

I can not believe John is 7 months old already... I wish my pregnancy would have gone by this fast!!! :) He is changing everyday and we are just enjoying every single minute!!!

What are you doing now:

You are sitting up so well now!

You LOVE LOVE LOVE bath time more and more everyday!

You love when daddy puts you on his shoulders!

You LOVE to google! (and David wonders what is wrong with his computer????)

You chew on EVERYTHING!!!

You are reaching for things so well. If you want it and it is within arms reach you will grab it and it will most likely end up in your mouth!

You get so excited. It is so cute! You are such a hyper baby!

You have 2 teeth now!!!

You LOVE to cuddle, you've always been a cuddler but the older you get the more you love to cuddle (sorry don't have a picture I keep meaning to get one). You are such a snuggler and love to nestle especially at night!

We love you so much! You are the joy in our lives!!!


  1. Happy 7 months! Love the milestones, love photos. The google is the best! Mine turned 7 months on the 14th. I wish my pregnancy would have gone as fast as this past 7 months has! What a special day.

  2. such a BIG boy now! I need to see him!

  3. So cute! He is very photogenic!