Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's official...

So this week John graduated from level one at Gymboree!!! Both him and his girlfriend... yes he has a girlfriend it is official... they are so sweet together... they both graduated together- how sweet is that!!!

Here are some pictures of them at the beginning of class. They are playing...

This is his girlfriend Aubrey. It is such a small world... later we found out that Aubrey's dad is my brother's boss

"Oh I missed you so much"

"Try this it tastes good to me"

"Here try mine"

John loves gymbo time!!!
Hip Hip Hooray John graduates today!!!!!!!!
Kelly loves us so much she put on the clown costume so we could take a group picture.

Here is John and Aubrey after they graduated!!! It was happy and sad at the same time.
I thought I would include our very first Gymbo class... look how much he has grown!!!!!!! I am really going to miss level one but I am excited about level two!!!


  1. How sweet! Congrats on the graduation!

  2. These are so cute!!

  3. So cute!!! I laughed at the photo captions - haha! Wonderful day!