Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All smiles!

It has happened my precious baby SMILED!!! This morning he woke in a very good mood and when I laid him down in his bed to change him he smiled at the bright colored book I have spread out in his bed... I thought to myself did he just smile? Yes ma'am he did!!! It was amazing I was so proud! Then later I was holding him and he smiled at me... and the proud mom that I am cried like a baby!

Then, I get sad b/c today we were supposed to take him to get his shots and all I can think about is here our son is smiling and happy as can be and we have to take him to get his shots which I am dreading in the first place! So when Jeffrey takes a look at the smiling, happy baby it was unanimous- no shots today!

Also, yesterday we had our 2 month check up and we have GROWN! we grew 4 inches this month from 19 inches to 23 inches and that moves us up from the 10 percentile to the 25 percentile woo hoo!!! and he is now 9lbs 2.5oz- still in the 10 percentile here! and I don't remember the measurements for his head but it is in the 50 percentile! His checkup went very well... we did find out he has a heart murmur but the doctor is not that worried right now so either am I. We are just praying it is an "innocent" heart murmur and turns out to be nothing!

Here is a picture of my smiling baby... don't get to excited he's not smiling here but this is where he smiled for the first time. He LOVES bright colors and it's so fun to watch him look at all the colors... he gets so excited!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Youth Sunday

Sunday was our first time we had gone to church since John was born and John was able to attend as well!!! He was amazing... you did not hear a peep out of him the entire time- partly because I popped the bottle in his mouth the minute the service started and rocked him the entire time he ate so he'd pass out and it worked like a charm!!!!!!

Sunday was youth Sunday, so the youth lead the entire service. I have always enjoyed youth Sunday.... I love to see the youth actively participating- gives me hope for the future! I love seeing what the sermon will be about.

All in all this Sunday was a perfect day for us! John was a huge hit at church everyone just loved him, but I totally understand why he should not go until he is two months old b/c EVERYONE wanted to touch him especially his hands. I know his hands are adorable but seriously they stay in his mouth...GROSS. Here are a few pics of our first day of church...

John did not want to cooperate for pictures so we had to try to calm him down

So we had to resort to the binky....

Hope you Sunday was as good as ours!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My first night away from John

I had to take the Praxis II today at 7:30 am (don't even ask how I did....UGH) so the whole plan was I was going to bring John over to my mom's house on Friday night so that she could keep him overnight and I could have a night without interruption. So here is the timeline for my first night away from John:

5:30 pm- Dropped off John at mom's house

5:45 pm- went up to Starbucks with Lindsey to study

6:45 pm- Went back to mom's to study while she watched over him and kept him quiet

8:45 pm- Left my mom's to go home to go to sleep

8:55 pm- Arrived at home

8:57 pm- packed my bags... went back to mom's.........

First night away from John just turned into a slumber party at my mom's... I just could not be away from him. My advice to mom's out there don't wait until an important event to have your first night away from your baby... I mean I thought I was going to be okay since I have spent a half a day without him but obviously this was mission FAILED!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Faces

Over the past seven weeks John has made a million faces that I have fallen in love with over and over again. I could seriously just sit and stare at him all day and watch the million faces he'd make... however that would make me a little crazy. Anyways...I thought I would share the many faces of John with you...

This is the ha ha Mom how you like that diaper face....

This is the let me sit and think on that for a little bit face...

Here is the mommy's milk makes me tough face...

Here is the I'm laying one for mommy and daddy face.......

This is I think my mommy is crazy and I am a little freaked out face.

This is my sweet face...
The next picture is PG-13... This is the I am not talking to you right now, you pissed me off face!
Screaming pissed off baby face

SPAZZZZZZZZ face... not sure where he gets it from... :)

This is just my favorite picture of our precious baby!

And this is the infamous MONKEY FACE... (the hardest picture to get-- it's easier to snap a photo of Nessie than it is to get his monkey face!)Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we do!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Easter egg hunt

Saturday was a perfect day for an Easter egg hunt and boy did John have a good time!!! We had our family annual-when we feel like having it-Easter get together and it was so wonderful. John got to meet his cousins and great great aunt! But the best part was John's first Easter egg hunt... he was so excited about it too and cousin Judy tried to keep us out of the race but not to worry I fought back!!! John was NOT about to miss his first Easter egg hunt just because he can't walk!!!!! So I strapped him in the baby bjorn and off we went. Here are some pictures from this historic event!

He was so good at this game!!!

pictures after the hunt!

I think this is John's bunny face..

And the results.... didn't find the 20$ egg but he did pretty well... in newborn talk he found a couple thousand dollars.

All in all it was a really great day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day with Daddy

After a long night of no sleep for me, Jeffrey decided to take him to get his first month shots by himself and let me get some sleep- as you can imagine by the time I packed his murse -that is what he calls his man diaper bag- fed John and got them both ready to go I was basically not tired anymore. However, I was able to get some E in with out interruption and that was NICE! Although John did not get his shots b/c Barksdale does not give Hep B at one month, John and Daddy still got their first day out and about together! Here is a pic from their first outting...

Here are a few of my fav Dadday and John pics.....

This is what Jeffrey refers to as Baby Jet Pack... it is how he calms him down when he gets fussy... he flies him around the house making vroom noises... it's really cute and it works (and I was good enough to snap an action pic)

I love my family. I truly am blessed with such a wonderful husband and son!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fool's Day...For me just another day

For those who don't know, yes my birthday is on April Fool's Day, and for those who know me, they would say it's fitting-- whatever that means. Anyways, my birthday this year was really just like any other day... at what age does your birthday feel like just another day? When I woke up on April 1st I expected to feel excited, but instead I just felt tired and maybe that part is because John was up all night. But seriously if it were not for the million phone calls and texts I would have forgotten it was my birthday. Sad huh?? is it because we are getting older or is it because I have someone way more important to care about that my life becomes less relevant??

Whatever it is, it is DE-PRESSING!

On a happier note, this past year is one worth celebrating and looking back on. I have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for... he is more than I ever had hoped for. And now we have a beautiful, amazing son who makes life worth living! We've moved back to our hometown and could not be happier! So, maybe my birthday was boring but the 365 days leading up to it were amazing!

John's one month check-up...