Saturday, April 4, 2009

April Fool's Day...For me just another day

For those who don't know, yes my birthday is on April Fool's Day, and for those who know me, they would say it's fitting-- whatever that means. Anyways, my birthday this year was really just like any other day... at what age does your birthday feel like just another day? When I woke up on April 1st I expected to feel excited, but instead I just felt tired and maybe that part is because John was up all night. But seriously if it were not for the million phone calls and texts I would have forgotten it was my birthday. Sad huh?? is it because we are getting older or is it because I have someone way more important to care about that my life becomes less relevant??

Whatever it is, it is DE-PRESSING!

On a happier note, this past year is one worth celebrating and looking back on. I have the most wonderful husband anyone could ask for... he is more than I ever had hoped for. And now we have a beautiful, amazing son who makes life worth living! We've moved back to our hometown and could not be happier! So, maybe my birthday was boring but the 365 days leading up to it were amazing!

John's one month check-up...


  1. Love your first post! Way to go!

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