Friday, April 10, 2009

A Day with Daddy

After a long night of no sleep for me, Jeffrey decided to take him to get his first month shots by himself and let me get some sleep- as you can imagine by the time I packed his murse -that is what he calls his man diaper bag- fed John and got them both ready to go I was basically not tired anymore. However, I was able to get some E in with out interruption and that was NICE! Although John did not get his shots b/c Barksdale does not give Hep B at one month, John and Daddy still got their first day out and about together! Here is a pic from their first outting...

Here are a few of my fav Dadday and John pics.....

This is what Jeffrey refers to as Baby Jet Pack... it is how he calms him down when he gets fussy... he flies him around the house making vroom noises... it's really cute and it works (and I was good enough to snap an action pic)

I love my family. I truly am blessed with such a wonderful husband and son!


  1. How ADORABLE!!! I love it! What is "E?"

  2. Also, I love the new background!

  3. Little monkey is so cute! I am so glad you started a blog!!

  4. E is E the tv channel... like e news, keeping up with the kardashians etc