Saturday, April 25, 2009

My first night away from John

I had to take the Praxis II today at 7:30 am (don't even ask how I did....UGH) so the whole plan was I was going to bring John over to my mom's house on Friday night so that she could keep him overnight and I could have a night without interruption. So here is the timeline for my first night away from John:

5:30 pm- Dropped off John at mom's house

5:45 pm- went up to Starbucks with Lindsey to study

6:45 pm- Went back to mom's to study while she watched over him and kept him quiet

8:45 pm- Left my mom's to go home to go to sleep

8:55 pm- Arrived at home

8:57 pm- packed my bags... went back to mom's.........

First night away from John just turned into a slumber party at my mom's... I just could not be away from him. My advice to mom's out there don't wait until an important event to have your first night away from your baby... I mean I thought I was going to be okay since I have spent a half a day without him but obviously this was mission FAILED!!!


  1. Bless your heart! I hope you did good on the test.

  2. Ha! I know how you feel. At least were awesome test takers...I hope!