Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Faces

Over the past seven weeks John has made a million faces that I have fallen in love with over and over again. I could seriously just sit and stare at him all day and watch the million faces he'd make... however that would make me a little crazy. Anyways...I thought I would share the many faces of John with you...

This is the ha ha Mom how you like that diaper face....

This is the let me sit and think on that for a little bit face...

Here is the mommy's milk makes me tough face...

Here is the I'm laying one for mommy and daddy face.......

This is I think my mommy is crazy and I am a little freaked out face.

This is my sweet face...
The next picture is PG-13... This is the I am not talking to you right now, you pissed me off face!
Screaming pissed off baby face

SPAZZZZZZZZ face... not sure where he gets it from... :)

This is just my favorite picture of our precious baby!

And this is the infamous MONKEY FACE... (the hardest picture to get-- it's easier to snap a photo of Nessie than it is to get his monkey face!)Hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as we do!!


  1. Haha! What a cute & funny post! I'm so glad you found my blog & I found yours! I'm excited to keep up with you through here! Your little man is adorable! Enjoy every sweet moment!! :)

  2. He has got some faces! I like the thinker the best:).

  3. Great Post! We have been blogging when we need to be studying! I love the thinker face...and the PG-13 one!

  4. I know I love those!!! but my all time favorite is his monkey face... just impossible to get a good picture of it!