Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Youth Sunday

Sunday was our first time we had gone to church since John was born and John was able to attend as well!!! He was amazing... you did not hear a peep out of him the entire time- partly because I popped the bottle in his mouth the minute the service started and rocked him the entire time he ate so he'd pass out and it worked like a charm!!!!!!

Sunday was youth Sunday, so the youth lead the entire service. I have always enjoyed youth Sunday.... I love to see the youth actively participating- gives me hope for the future! I love seeing what the sermon will be about.

All in all this Sunday was a perfect day for us! John was a huge hit at church everyone just loved him, but I totally understand why he should not go until he is two months old b/c EVERYONE wanted to touch him especially his hands. I know his hands are adorable but seriously they stay in his mouth...GROSS. Here are a few pics of our first day of church...

John did not want to cooperate for pictures so we had to try to calm him down

So we had to resort to the binky....

Hope you Sunday was as good as ours!


  1. So precious. I like your new hair color!

  2. Cute Family pic...needs to be framed!