Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All smiles!

It has happened my precious baby SMILED!!! This morning he woke in a very good mood and when I laid him down in his bed to change him he smiled at the bright colored book I have spread out in his bed... I thought to myself did he just smile? Yes ma'am he did!!! It was amazing I was so proud! Then later I was holding him and he smiled at me... and the proud mom that I am cried like a baby!

Then, I get sad b/c today we were supposed to take him to get his shots and all I can think about is here our son is smiling and happy as can be and we have to take him to get his shots which I am dreading in the first place! So when Jeffrey takes a look at the smiling, happy baby it was unanimous- no shots today!

Also, yesterday we had our 2 month check up and we have GROWN! we grew 4 inches this month from 19 inches to 23 inches and that moves us up from the 10 percentile to the 25 percentile woo hoo!!! and he is now 9lbs 2.5oz- still in the 10 percentile here! and I don't remember the measurements for his head but it is in the 50 percentile! His checkup went very well... we did find out he has a heart murmur but the doctor is not that worried right now so either am I. We are just praying it is an "innocent" heart murmur and turns out to be nothing!

Here is a picture of my smiling baby... don't get to excited he's not smiling here but this is where he smiled for the first time. He LOVES bright colors and it's so fun to watch him look at all the colors... he gets so excited!

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  1. How CUTE!!! He is really interested in the book. That means he is going to be so smart!