Monday, May 11, 2009

Swaddlers or Baby Dry???

Recently I inquired with my mommy friends what is the difference between Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby dry and none of them knew... they just always used the swaddlers. Well I was given the baby dry diapers at a shower and did not want them to go to waste... I mean 100 diapers can last a week or two.

Well today I got my answer... THEY SUCK! Today we were out looking at a house (as we are looking to buy a house) and before I left I asked Jeffrey should I bring the baby bag right then I should have grabbed it... when in doubt RIGHT!!! Well he said no so I didn't grab it... I mean the house was just around the corner- we'd only be 20-30 minutes... Anyways, while looking at the house I heard an explosion... y'all know what I am talking about but I just let it go as we were about to leave and John was content. Well about 5 minutes later he starts screaming and I go and check on him and there is poop everywhere... the car seat is filled it's on his hands, his face... use you imagination. Great I think now my son is going to get pink eye!

Anyways we take him home, immediately fill the sink up and I ALMOST just cut off his clothes they were so disgusting!!! We clean him up and I swear he cried for twenty minutes after his bath he was so traumatized! So moral to the story is that baby dry diapers are cheaper for a reason.. they do not do the job! I immediately went to Target and bought more diapers this will NOT happen again. (Sorry, no picture it was just too nasty!)

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