Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 months!!!

I can not believe in two months my baby will be ONE year old!!!! This time has flown by way to fast for my liking!!!! He has changed so much in the past month!!! He is developing at such a fast pace! I think he has developed the most in the past month!!!

What are we doing now:
We love to give kisses:
He has an obsession with noses. He does not really grab hair but if you are holding him he will most likely grab your nose... and sometimes it REALLY hurts! :)

He loves to ride on his airplane aunt Hilary and Uncle John got him for Christmas

Here is my cute little hobo on his 10 month birthday!

We also went over to Bennetts and played! John had a blast riding on Bennetts four wheeler! I am going to have to get this for him for his birthday! It is so cool! Thanks Bennett for sharing!

He loves to dance. He LOVES music and Grandmother got him some Praise Baby DVD's for Christmas and he LOVES them! So do I... they are way better than Baby Einstein!

He is almost crawling! He is scoots everywhere! He just can't get his leg out from under him

He is pulling up on things. He can stand for a while by himself and he is learning to go from a standing position to a sitting position fairly well!

Our ear infections are getting better still not 100% but better than before tubes!

Goes to sleep on his own!! So wonderful for us! I just put him in his bed and he goes to sleep!

Loves cars! He loves to push and pull things

Can wave bye bye and hello! It is SO CUTE!!!!

Claps his hands!!

When he gets really excited he says nay nay nay!!! I will try to get a video of that it is adorable!

He is still my little baby at about 16.5 pounds maybe 17. Poor baby- everytime he gets an ear infection he loses weight! But he does have fat rolls!!!

he is about 26.5 inches long

He has two bottom teeth, right eye tooth and front tooth and his left eye tooth and front tooth are coming in (SO FUN FOR ME!!! This has been the most painful teething process yet!)

That is all for now! stay tuned! Go ahead and mark Feb 27 for his birthday party!! Hope everyone can make it!!!


  1. Happy 10 months John! I can't believe you are already 10 months! I felt like you were just born 2 weeks ago!

    OK, I will mark it on the calendar. I have 20 treat bags left over from Bennett's if you want them. Bennett was glad to share with him!

  2. What an adorable blog header and little one....Enjoyed your blog....looks like we live in the same town....Happy New Year.