Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry 1ST Christmas

Our first family Christmas was wonderful! John got WAY WAY WAY to many gifts. So much, we actually took half and put them away to regift for his birthday in TWO months!!!
Santa brought me a new compter which I am on right now!! So expect more updates!!! His 10 month coming SOON!! For some reason I can not rearrage my pictures so they are a little out of order so please bear with me.... We had an action packed Christmas. We started at our house, then went to the Glen to have lunch with Grandmother, then went out to my aunts for our family Christmas and finished at Jeff's parents to have Christmas there with the fam! Long long day and I was SO proud of John. He only got two short naps and he was such an angel! Guess that is why Santa was so good to him!!! :)

Here is our first Christmas

This is John in his new chair Mimi bought him... (or santa) Another chair picture... how cute is he!!!

I hosted Christmas at our house... it was a little stressful getting it ready but the good thing is that it forced me to get our living room in "order"... here is the spread we had for breakfast! It was yum-MY!!

Here is the living room!! Santa really visited our house!

Here is what santa brought John...

John opening a gift! One of twenty...

John in his new high chair grandma and grandad got him! WE LOVE IT!!!

John's cute little christmas pjs

John grabbing my nose... almost every picture we take he has to grab my nose...

Christmas night at my aunts

John and daddy!! Isn't he the cutest present ever!!!

my sweet child.....

On Saturday, our cousins came for a surprise visit!!! We love when they come from Dallas because we never get to see them. This is John playing with his cousin.... how sweet! Andrew was just precious!

John and Daddy... we took some family pictures but I looked horrible so I will not be posting them!

Aunt Hilary feeding John after a long Saturday!

That is all for today! Hope to be posting his 10 months soon!!! Hope you all had a blessed Christmas because we sure did!!! The Lord has truly blessed our family!!!!


  1. A very cute present indeed!

  2. I think John looks adorable in his chair!!