Thursday, December 3, 2009

9 months

I know my posting are sparse and I am so sorry... it is really difficult sharing a computer with my husband who is a full time student with a paper due every week! I am hoping Santa brings me a computer and then my postings will not be so far apart! :)

I can not believe John is 9 months old already!!! He is getting so big! We are finally over our ear infections (fingers crossed) and so he is getting mobile! It has been 2 weeks since his ear infection began getting better thanks to the evil necessary modern day medicine! John was put on a super antibiotic and it killed his resistant germ once and for all! So, with that said he is scootting... we are a little behind our fellow friends but who wants to move around when their head is filled with fluid and it hurts 24/7??!!! I was told by daycare he scooted or as I call it did the worm across the room! I was so proud! Although I am dreading the day he is crawling, the time has come and I have to put my selfish desires aside!

So what are we doing now:
  • You have your third tooth coming in... it is his right eye tooth... two bottom teeth and one eye tooth creepy!!
  • He can actually wear his size clothes for the first time EVER!!!!!!
  • He LOVES toys that make noise! He gets so excited when he is reading a book and he push the button and music starts!
  • He apparently LOVES Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer I was not there to witness it but he was super excited with his hands in the air when it came on! This one excited my mother the most, as it is her favorite Christmas movie of all time!
  • He is eating little cheerio type snacks (not sure what they are but yes they are organic- can't help myself)
  • He is still terrified of our dogs but getting better... they look like monsters to him I guess because he loves my moms dog!
  • He is jabbering up a storm... He talks all the time!
  • And it has arrived.... He has found his temper!!! The first time he balled up his fist and let out a frustrating screech was hilarious but not so much anymore (ok I do still laugh from time to time... especially when my mom pushed his had away and he hit her back and made the same frustrating screech at her)
  • He loves books, especially the touch and feel books. He loves to turn the page and feel the different textures!
  • He saw his first horse this month (pictures below) and did not get scared, which I was surprised by seeing he is terrified of our dogs.
  • He weighs a little over 16 lbs and is 26.5 inches long! both below the 5% but his head is in the 50% ..

This was his picture from Thanksgiving! You can see his two precious bottom teeth!
This is John and Kelsey... he absolutly LOVES her...Don't even think about taking him away from her, he will make sure it is the last time you ever do that again!

This is from John's first trip to the park! He loved it!!!
John is just the most amazing son, I never thought he would be as big of a joy as he is to us! We look forward to each and every second with him! God truly has blessed us with him! We love you so much buddy!!!