Sunday, November 1, 2009

we got tubes

I have been trying to publish this post for 2 weeks now and every time it messes up and it won't post. So two weeks ago we went to the doctor for the 100th time to have a re-check on John's ears and low and behold they still had fluid and were still red. The infection was minor but since he was going on 2 months of straight ear infections it was time for tubes!!!!! So Monday we had an appointment with Dr. Thornton and he said yes to tubes and we scheduled them for that Wednesday! We had to get to the surgery center at 630 and I fully expected a screaming baby b/c he could not eat past midnight and I fully intended on getting up at 1130 to nurse him and I set my alarm for am not pm! However, I was surprised he did not fuss at all!!! I love my child he is such an angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well here are some pictures from the hospital.

How sweet is this angel!
He LOVED the paper bedding... all he wanted to do was rip it up and eat it!! I could not take it away from him fast enough!
He left the room around 750 and was back in my arms at 805! Here he is limp from the gas! They warned me he would probably wake up screaming crying but he did not... once again making me so very proud!!! He woke up moaning and grunting like he always does when he is tired and trying to fight sleep. So I gave him a bottle and he downed it in record time!

Since this post is really 2 weeks old I will go ahead on the update... I wish I could say I love the tubes and hopefully soon I will. However, we went to the doctor on Wednesday for a follow-up and he had yet another ear infection.... The only good thing is his ears are draining so the infection is stagnant in his ear. Hopefully it gets better soon b/c these ear infections are wearing on me... he won't nap at all! I am thankful that all he has are ear infections and I am aware that it could be a lot worse! But I just want him to feel better!!! Hopefully I will have an update soon!

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