Saturday, April 10, 2010

Palm Sunday/ Easter / 13 months

I figured since I am WAY SUPER DUPER behind I would do a combined post! I am trying so hard to get it together here on monkeyface but obviously I am not the best! So we will start with Palm Sunday! We went to church and John carried a palm down the isle! He was the youngest and the cutest!! Here is our family picture!

Here John and I are before we walked down the isle! He actually waved the palm down the isle! It was just precious! And then he slept through church! :)
Well John is now 13 months old!! I cannot believe it! He is growing way to fast for me!
What are you doing now pants?
- You are standing on your own for a good bit
- You can say several words like cracker (sounds like cak-ker- it's by far my favorite), ball, dog cat, hi, bye, mama, dada, nay nay (that is Mimi). You are learning words everyday!
- You are in your big boy carseat!
- Still in size 3 diapers.
- You weigh about 20lbs
- You are getting 3 possible all 4 of your one year molars in (this is not so fun)
- Your favorite foods (besides crackers) are sweet potato fries, fries, jelly sandwich, grilled cheese.
- He knows where his feet are and your nose
Easter time:
After we got ready for church, the Easter bunny had come to our house. John was really excited! You can tell in his face how excited he is!

Here are the goodies. He got two prayer books! We are reading them every night! He really likes them!!!

Here are his first words book and flash cards. I though flash cards were ridiculous until two of my friends convinced me otherwise! So I have joined the crew! He really likes them too! I'll let you know how they work.

He could not contain himself!

After church we went to Jeff's parents and cooked hamburgers for the family and grandmother came over too! It was so much fun. We found a dead snake (cotton mouth) in the back yard torn to shreads (I will spare you the pictures) which Jeff messed with for 30 minutes! The cocker spaniel killed it... this is like her 3rd kill! She is a snake killer. It's hilarious!
We just had such a wonderful Easter! We tried to take some outside pictures but the sun was so brutal...

Family picture!

Well that is all for now! I will post my birthday soon!

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