Sunday, April 25, 2010

An "Over The Top" weekend!

Courtney, her mother and I went to Women of Faith this weekend and the theme was "Over The Top" and let me say that is EXACTLY what it was! I cannot even begin to express how wonderful this weekend was and just how much I needed a weekend praising Him! It was just magnificent! It started with Patsy Clairmont speaking and let me say I could listen to her speak everyday! She just does not get old! I was REALLY excited that she spoke THREE times! Just when I thought who could follow Patsy in comes Andy Andrews! Okay now I don't know who is better! And it was only 11:15 on Friday and I thought what else could they possibly throw at us! Little did I know it was just beginning! Andy truly has a gift! He speaks to NFL teams, celebrities, Presidents and he writes Christian books you can give to your non Christian friends! I mean he is just amazing! Then we took a 3 hour break and that night Patsy spoke again and Lisa Whelchel (from the 80's show The Facts of Life)! Ok I'll say it again amazing! I think I need to come up with another word! Then for the grand finale Mandisa from American Idol sang! She had me crying like a little baby! Her message was amazing and then she has this way of telling a story through her songs! What a gift God has given her! Then on Saturday we began worshiping again at 9am! I thought to myself how am I going to sit here from 9 to 5 (if you know me personally you will understand - as if people that don't know me read my blog HA- I am just SO hyper and sitting still is a task for me) well to be honest I did not want to get up! except to stretch b/c the Centery Tel is SO cramped! I was so engaged all day! Patsy spoke AGAIN!!! and so did Michelle Aguilar the 6th season winner of the Biggest Loser! Sandi Patty sang and spoke. I will be honest at first I did not think I was going to like her b/c she is too Gospel for my taste but let me say her story brought tears to my eyes! And she has the MOST powerful voice EVER! And she has EIGHT children! WOW! What an amazing woman (or husband who is home with 5 of them while she travels!!!) Then I realized on Saturday at about 230 I had NOT taken any pictures! That is just how great it was! I was so engaged I did not even take a picture! So when Nicole C. Mullins came out I had to get a picture! Also to capture her perfect arms! On Friday I was not sure if I was going to like her as much as Mandisa but Oh My Gosh she was phenomenal! The gift she has with kids! Her ministry is just amazing! They way she and the kids got out there and danced was awesome! The kids brought tears to my eyes! It is just so humbling to see kids praising the Lord! Her performance was just OVER THE TOP! She got a standing ovation like NO OTHER! the stadium was rumbling! That is just how amazing she is! And her voice would give you goosebumps alone! And her arms... wow! You could see the definition in the nose bleed section! she was just so beautiful inside and out! She has dedicated her entire life to the Lord and it showed in her performance! She proved what He can do if you give you life to Him! You can see her arms here! WOW!!!

Here is a picture of her and one kid break dancing and rapping! Christian rap is so cool! She makes the music so fun! I wish I could take my students to see here at the Revolve Tour for 6-12th grade girls! Sad I can't even talk about it in school... but that is a whole other can of worms I will not get into now!

Here Courtney and I are at the WOF conference. It was FREEZING in there the entire time! So we brought our snuggies and I am SO glad we did! We wore them the entire time!

After the WOF conference we went home and got ready for Courtney's 27th b-day at Cantina Laredo!

Carla, Sasha and David were there to celebrate as well (Carla was at WOF too)! Great my computer deleted the picture.

Here is Meredith, Courtney and me!

Most of the dinner gang. Chad's parents joined for cake, Chad and Courtney, Courtney's mom, Ashley and her husband (Steve I think), Jeff, me and Meredith! Sasha was tired so Dave and Carla left before the picture!

It was such a GREAT ending to the day! The dinner was excellent and we had a great time. Before we knew it it was 10:15 and my mom called and asked where we were. It is NOT like us to be out that late! It was just such great company that time just flew by! We ran home and grabbed pants! I missed him so much b/c he was with my mom Friday and Saturday b/c I was at the conference all weekend. When we got home I curled up in bed with him for a little bit and just snuggled! I missed that little man SO much!
I know this is the longest post EVER for me, but I just had to talk about what an amazing weekend I had! People had told me that the WOF event is amazing but you always wonder how amazing is it! Honestly people said how wonderful it was and so have I in this post but even those words do not express just how amazing it really is! You just have to experience it for yourself! I hope more people come with me next year! Courtney and I are going to make shirts!! :) Set aside the date April 15-16! Now time for school work! sigh!
I will leave you with the scripture reading from the event:
Have you ever come on anything quite like this extravagant generosity of God...?
-Romans 11:33


  1. Awesome! I wish I would have gone. There is nothing like having 10,000 women singing praise songs!

  2. No you did not wear your snuggie! I bet it was amazing.