Monday, June 27, 2011

Newest and ever so talented photographer in the Shreveport-Bossier area!

We are always in search of a good photographer...I mean who isn't right? Check out these photos below! This person has such unique style...I'm really impressed

Subtle leg shot... so innovative

Neat angle design and stacked cars in the front while still capturing the beauty of Courtney and Penny (Please ignore the messy plate...photographer is still working on photoshop abilities)

I think this would be a great picture for the doctor's office... Really captures the patient-doctor heartfelt relationship.

Not the best picture but really impressed with how the photographer hid my acne breakout without using photoshop.

Love the focus on the shoes enhanced with a blurry background. Nice touch

This one is very retro with the blurry feature yet still obvious focus on clean lines of the tables.

 Now, I know you are all dying to book your shoot with this photographer.  I am really impressed with this person's potential. Don't you think??  I think there is an obvious talent here.  So who is it????

I don't know????

It's me silly!

All-in-all I think John's first two photo shoots were successful! Now to hide the camera before he breaks it...b/c he has clearly caught on to his talent and is wanting to take pictures all the time!

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