Friday, August 6, 2010


We finally we all able to get away for a short family vacation to Knoxville. We stayed with our family friends The Totten's (The Foster's were close friends with them in Germany and remained very close ever since--they rock)! We had the BEST time! It was so relaxing. One day we went to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies and one day we all (20 people all who stayed under one roof) rented a party barge and went out on the lake. It was SO much fun. I thought I was going to be over whelmed by 20 people staying at the Totten's but it ended up being a blast! There were two kids John's age so it was great! I met some great people too!

It was a long trip so we decided to drive through the night which was rough but John was able to sleep most of the way!

One of the things I was worried about was the stairs. John is never really around stairs and they had two sets of wooden stairs. I was surprised that John did so well. first he tried to climb them but we spent 15 minutes back and forth in time-out and he got the picture and NEVER tried to climb them again, even when the other kids were climbing the stairs! he was only allowed to sit on the first stair and here after that is all he did! He sure made me look good!

Apparently John LOVES salsa...he could not get enough. Must be all the food I ate in El Paso!

The aquarium sideways...

Above the shark tank!

"Look at the fish Daddy!"

John just loved looking at all the fish

The penguin kept hitting his beak against the glass. It was so cute!

There was the coolest tunnel at the aquarium. You stood on a moving side walk and it took you under the shark tank! 

"John, did you like the aquarium?"

I'll take that as a yes!

The Smokies are just beautiful..

John loved Mattie...I was just waiting for her to do something but she just let him crawl and kiss all over her!

James and John!

John loved playing in this corner with Annie
 John LOVED Annie. She played with him the entire time. I need her to move in with me. It was wonderful. I NEVER had to worry about him EVER!!! She stayed with him where ever he was and he loved her. His eyes would light up when she walked in the room!

Anna did not know what to think about my overly affectionate son

John keep your hands ABOVE the waist son!

Captain Totten

My extremely tired son

Finally asleep!

The water was SO nice!

John and Davis
I just realized I did not have any pictures of John and Davis and they played together A LOT! They really liked each other! Of course John was all about hugging him (as the picture illustrates)

Our trip was awesome! We did not want to leave! Thanks Totten's for housing us (all of us)!!!

Now it is time to get in school mode again :( I have been in a workshop for 3 days and I am really sad about leaving John! he has been in daycare for three days and already has a runny nose :( poor child lives sick when he is in daycare! Just hope this does not turn into an ear infection!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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