Saturday, August 14, 2010

Messy Lunch

I have never thought about giving John a spoon to feed himself. It just never really crossed my mind. Then when we were in Knoxville both kids were eating with spoons! So, I decided to see what John would do with a spoon and some yogurt! It was awesome! I LOVE watching him eat with a spoon--HILARIOUS! He bangs his spoon in the bowl and puts it in his mouth... he's is getting there!


I thought I took more pictures than this...these pictures make it look like he is not messy...nope this is just the beginning! By the end of the meal his yogurt became body art!

Wonder if he is going to be a lefty...? He is eating with his left hand every time!


  1. Messy, but precious! Also, I'm glad you liked my dad's sweet shirt!