Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Potato Pancakes....

Many of you may know that I have been struggling trying to get John to eat ANYTHING other than bread and fried goods... (he will eat fruit though!)... So a few of my friends on facebook were using this book and so I decided to try it out! It does require some extra work. I have steam/ baked and blended Cauliflower, spinach, sweet potatoes and I have green beans waiting to be blended and beets waiting to be baked and blended! i store them in breastmilk bags b/c they are bpa free and easy to store! I package most in 1/2 portions but some in 1/4 and 1 cup portions depending on what recipes I think I will cook call for. Once that is all done the job is simple. I use this book for inspiration too! So today I am going to share with you one of John's favs (one of many now!!!) Sweet Potato pancakes. I used the recipe in here and added a few things last time and the pancakes were gummy as a result (I added milled flax seed for the benefits~ it is high in fiber and Omega-3... make sure you get milled flaxseed not flax seed meal b/c the milled is high in the omega 3 etc... check this link for some more information). The one thing this book uses a lot is flax seed meal and I substitute milled flaxseed and sometimes it does not work right but the meal is not as high in vitamins as the milled is...

Anyways back to the subject matter... here is a copy of the book. I really like it b/c it tells you how to cook and blend the fruits and veggies and what benefits each has for your body!

So this time I added an egg, baking soda and less water to try and fix the gumminess... It was WAY better but still not perfect...

The recipe I half-followed :)

What I added: milled flaxseed (once opened must remain in the refrigerator), egg, baking soda and vanilla
the pancake mix

I laid them out so they could cool and not get soggy....
John LOVES them when he saw them on the plate he freaked out!!!


After two pancakes he wanted MORE!!! Here he is pointing to the pancake in my hand...

Here he is telling me to put it on his tray...haha bossy little man!
He loves them and I put the rest in the freezer separating each pancake with a paper towel or wax paper. I will give y'all the recipe but it is not perfect yet... I am still playing with it to get it right. I am not a huge fan of the pancakes yet but all that matters is John devours them!!!

I will give you my recipe if you want to use it and not use flax seed b/c if using flax you have to add more b/c the flax makes it gummy....which is why I am still playing around with it...So this is the recipe I used today and when I perfect it I will post again! GO HERE FOR THE NEW RECIPE!

1 cup pancake mix
3/4 cup of water (1 cup water)
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon or pumpkin spice (I use cinnamon)
1/2 sweet potato puree
My additions not in book:
1 egg
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
3/4 teaspoon milled flaxseed
1/4 teaspoon baking soda (I may add more next time...this maybe the reason it was gummy)

Mix everything together EXCEPT the pancake mix then add pancake mix. It should be lumpy. Then cook as you would any pancake! Add maple syrup if that is your thing (I do not do this for John)

Hope your little one enjoys!! I love creating foods that are good for my little biscuit!


  1. Yum! Link to Messy Aprons when we showcase breakfast!

  2. Yummy those look good! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be visiting you again soon. Have a great weekend....