Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Healthy Grilled Cheese??? Really!

So as you know I am trying to make healthy foods for John to eat! Well I went to the farmer's market yesterday for a few things and HOPING to find red bell peppers b/c they are so dang expensive at the stores and I was in luck! A guy sold me like 7 (small but descent) for $2!!! I used most off them, I think I only had to throw out 1! I steamed them this morning and blended them! I decided to make John a grilled cheese with bell pepper! Red bell pepper is super high in Vitamin C!!! Keeps us healthy and if you know John at all if he so much as breaths in the wrong direction--> Ear infection!!! And seeing that he found a random bottle the other day at the store and decided to pick up the old habit, I have been doing EVERYTHING to keep him from getting sick! Cauliflower and red bell peppers here we come!!! 

Anyways, Lately John has been eating Ezechiel bread. For those that are unfamiliar check it out it is AWESOME (I am not a fan b/c I do not like grainy breads...really I am not even a fan of wheat), and this bread is FULL of beans and sprouts and everything that is good for you. My neighbor turned me on this and John LOVES it! grilled cheese, toast and jelly you name it and he eats it! The bread breaks down like a protein and is so good for your digestive system!If you go and buy it they have different types but if you are wanting the best results make sure it has beans in the bread. I also bought a sesame loaf and it has soybeans in it. I am not sure what they others have. I know 7 sprouted grains does not have beans in it so you do not get the same effects. The best place to get it in Shreveport is Drug Emporium it is around $3 a loaf and at Kroger it is $5 a loaf. Please note you have to keep it in the freezer. There are not preservatives so if you leave it out it will spoil FAST! I take a few slices out at a time and keep it in the fridge and restock as needed.

Anyways I made a grilled cheese and spread red bell pepper on both sides of the bread and put a piece of provolone in the middle and grilled it! He LOVED it! Tip: cut up the sandwich with a pizza slicer... much easier! the Bread can be a little hard so I sometimes cut off the crust depending on out hard it gets.

I switched my post to the updated version and now I can figure out how to rearranged the photos so they are majorly out of order and may even be duplicates... sorry! I will try to narrate as best as I can without getting to confusing... sorry! Next time I hope to get it right...

The Bread that rocks!
Thanks Mom I love this healthy food!!!
Blended red bell pepper (I stored the rest in ice cube trays. B/c that would be enough to make a grilled cheese! make sure it is cooled before you pour it in the trays so now BPA is released!
Loving the sandwhich
Look at that cheesy goodness! T
Grilled Cheese with Bell Pepper


  1. What does the blended red bell pepper taste like?

  2. To be honest I did not taste his grilled cheese... I was so busy but it smelled just like regular red bell pepper... I did not add water or anything, it was straight bell pepper.