Monday, July 19, 2010

Productive Weekend!

We had a very productive weekend. Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the farmer's market. I went for the first time on Tuesday and was hooked and wanted to see what Saturday was like b/c I knew it would be way bigger! We had a blast. Although usually it is not so hot in the morning so I did not change John out of his pj's and boy I felt like an awful mom b/c it was SUPER humid... which would explain the torrential down pour to come later! Anyways we got some great things. We bought a gallon of blueberries...they are the best blueberries EVER! I laid them out all day and froze them last night! We also bought more butter peas...they are the best beans ever! I like to cook them with butter beans! YUMMY! We bought onions, Roma tomatoes- the best ever as well, and a watermelon. Jeff also bought some gumbo, and I bought an ivy plant for my house. It was so much fun! I think we will go again Saturday!

This is John ready for the market!
After the market. We had to use the stroller for the watermelon and plant!
All the goodies... you cant really see anything ha!
John trying to pick up the watermelon... it was hilarious
Then after the market, my mom came and picked up John so I could paint my bathroom. Last summer I painted it this blue color that kept looking more and more like periwinkle and I hated it!!! So I painted it the same color as my kitchen that I love!!! here are some before pics... The pictures do not do the periwinkle justice at all. In fact you can barely tell a difference but believe me there is a HUGE difference. We still have a lot to do to the bathroom this summer. In the picture below notice the shutter looking divider...yes I HATE it... it is coming out SOON. We are going to put up doors to make it a cabinet b/c behind the shutters are shelves... serving NO purpose except for clutter!
and the useless shelves. We are going to close off the back and the bottom three shelves will be used from the other side. Then we will put doors on the top two for toilet paper storage and soap! My F-I-L's brilliant idea! I mean seriously what were they thinking when they laid out this design...
New color! (Side note: Another reason I want the shutters gone is cleaning them is the WORST. I tried cleaning them last week so I could paint them white and I quit after 5 minutes b/c I was getting NO WHERE!)

Another picture of the new color! I love this color! It is Benjamin Moore's Marylin's Dress if you are interested. On the card it looks gray but on the walls it has a hint of blue! All in all we had a productive weekend...well saturday. I did nothing yesterday after church! Let's see what I can get done this week!


  1. You were productive!!

  2. Great job! I got you a surprise at the Teacher Resource Center today.