Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baton Rouge trip part 2

First I am a little upset b/c I never got a group picture of all of us. I did not even take one of Hilary and I... I need to get better at that!

Thursday afternoon (after our second trip to Pottery Barn) we went swimming. I was so excited b/c John has not been swimming before. I have been a little nervous b/c he has tubes but it went GREAT! He loved the water. He was kicking the entire time! I think he is going to be a fish like I was! We stayed in the water for about 30 minutes and then John started to drink the water so we had to get out. He thought it was so funny to put his face in the water and drink it (which I was excited he like to put his face in the water that is a good sign) but I did not want him drinking it or get water in his ears.
Big John's parents have the nicest outdoor kitchen and pool. I wish we could have stayed longer but it was hot and John started getting pink even though he had on a hat, 50 spf shirt, 60 spf sunscreen and was under a cover on his floaty.... kid has some white skin like mommy and daddy!! :)
My sweet baby!
Here we are in the water. He loves it! And this is the first time my body has seen the sun in a very long time (sure y'all are so surprised about that one seeing I am so tan)

After we went swimming we decided to go eat at Bonefish Grill because I have never eaten there and it is one of Hilary's favorite places. It was just Hilary, baby John and I that went b/c John had a previous commitment. I knew John would LOVE it as he loves anything to do with fish and bread! So we ordered John the fried fish (it was Tilapia) and he devoured it!!! Then he wanted the bread so we gave him an end piece thinking it would take him a long time to eat it, and I swear I looked up two minutes later and it was gone. Here is a video of him saying he ate it all. It is hilarious!! He would eat bread for every meal if I let him! He LOVES it. The video is hard to see so look close. It was really dark in the restaurant.

I think this is my favorite picture EVER!!!!

Aunt Hilary and John... how cute (Hilary you catching on haha)
Leaving Bonefish! John is such a people person and a lady's man. As we were leaving (I always let him walk out on his own), he had to tell EVERYONE bye. And then there were a table of about 8 pretty girls about 22-25 years old and he just stopped, smiled and batted his eyes. He started talking to them and one girl could not resist him and just picked him up. I swear he was going to kiss her. It was the cutest thing EVER! A little scary seeing we are going to have to watch this little fella! He is NOT scared of strangers. He will let anyone pick him up and he LOVES it. When he gets older we are defiantly going to have to learn about STRANGER DANGER!
Shake Vito!
The next morning we decided to eat lunch at Another Broken Egg before we got on the road. They have a larger selection than the one here and boy were they a whole lot faster! I of course got the same thing and should have gotten what Hilary got- Chicken Florentine it was SO good. I just thought chicken in an omelet would be weird but it was not!

John LOVES to color and write his name... We are wondering if he is going to be left handed. It this picture he is using his right hand but usually he uses his left hand. I have been told it is too early to tell which hand will be dominant but I am anxious to see. I would prefer him be right handed b/c this is a right handed world! We'll see!!!

Right before we headed out! My sweet cheeks wearing mommy's glasses!

We had a BLAST in BR and I did not want to leave. BUT we had to b/c we decided to surprise Jeffrey at the airport. He thought I was coming home on Saturday! Originially I was coming home on Monday b/c we were going to the beach but that fell through. So we got to the airport in perfect timing. Thankfully (on my behalf) their plane was delayed 30 minutes. It was funny b/c I said to Jeff I can not believe in your trip to and from Alaska y'all have not been delayed once and then he calls and says were delayed-he blamed me... and I was so excited b/c I knew I would not have made it otherwise.

Jeff missed John SO much... (and me too of course) but it was really hard for him to be away from John. I swear he changed so much just in the ten days Jeff was gone. He he is with Daddy. He was SO excited to see him. He did not want Jeff putting him down it was so sweet!!

I had the best time but I am excited to be home. We are working really hard on our house to get it more in order before school starts. Saturday afternoon we picked out our furniture for the living room! I am going to sign for it today!!! So excited! I'll post pictures soon!

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