Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baton Rouge trip part 1

Well this past week has been very eventful! It started out almost 2 weeks ago when we took Jeff and his dad to the airport. They were Alaska bound! Then we hung around Shreveport for a few days and on Tuesday we headed to Baton Rouge to stay with Hilary and John! We had the BEST time!!! Hilary and I (little John too) shopped nearly everyday. I think we went to Pottery Barn everyday I was there almost.... I got some great things for my house! There were some great sales!!!! John just had a blast with his aunt and uncle and cousin Vito. John LOVES little dogs!!! He kisses them so much I wonder if it is annoying to the dogs haha! We want a small dog for inside we just don't have the time right now... maybe one day!!! :) He played with Vito the entire time. He just loved him! Here are a few pictures from the airport and the first part of the trip.

At the airport
Putting on Daddy's hat
Jeff and his dad before going through security to head to ALASKA!!

John and Grandad walking around the airport.
Daddy and John hanging out before boarding the plane
Family picture before boarding the plane.

The night we got to Baton Rouge we went and ate at John's parents and John got bit by something and this is his hand the next morning. It was swollen that night but got way worse the next morning. We got benedryl and motrin and it eventually went down. I was so scared b/c I did not want to go to the ER!!!

Sweet baby!!!
putting our shirt back on! He is getting the hang of it. So smart!!

Playing tug-o-war with uncle John!

Dessert time....Graham crackers!!! yummy. Vito kept trying to steal his crackers. He basically had a constant stiff arm trying to keep Vito away!
Watching Uncle John kill spiders outside! I just LOVE this picture

Aunt Hilary and John!
This baby is getting sleepy!

Kisses for Vito...Kisses for Uncle John...
Kisses for everyone...
Good night to all....

Post the 2nd half next!!

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  1. That poor baby with a swollen hand. I'm glad it's back to normal.