Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our new den furniture

Well Jeff and I have finally decided to get new furniture for our den. We have needed it for a while but all our attention has been on the house itself not furniture. So this summer we decided to get our living room together. We decided we wanted a leather couch b/c Jeff is very very allergic to dust mites and leather would be our best option. Also with children it's easier to clean! So we found a couch we LOVED and then as we were walking out we stumbled upon this couch. Originally we walked past it b/c the one in the store was a light blue. When we sat it in we said WOW! it is so comfortable and it is a 100% leather!!! AND you can get it in a light khaki!!! SOLD! so we decided to get it! I can not wait to sit on this couch in my own home! It has been a long time coming! So here is the couch!
Then we decided to get the coffee table and two end tables that go with it b/c it matches the base of the couch perfectly! The table I wanted had glass and it is just not the right call with a toddler!

I just love my new furniture and can not wait to decorate my house!

John got this chair for Christmas and has just now started to sit it in all the time. He loves his chair....doesn't he look precious!

I love when he smiles and his two front teeth show!!!!
Morning time is defiantly my favorite time of the day with John. He is always SO happy!
I think I am going to paint today!!!

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  1. You are on a blogging roll! I want to see pictures of the counch in your room!