Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memorial Day/ Father's Day/ Summer School/ SUMMER!!! (catch-up)

I have had a busy summer and have not had time to post in a month!! I took 2 (3 week) school classes at one time! Yes it was hectic but it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be!!! It was intense but it flew by so fast!!! So this post is to play a little catch up!

Happy Memorial Day! my little patriotic baby!!!

John was helping me do my morning readings before class! Before class on night this was John eating. He is stacking his turkey on his cup! haha.... it was so adorable.
For father's day, we framed this picture John made at daycare. It is so sweet. It talks about slow down daddy I want to follow your footsteps. it is so sweet. I thought it would be perfect for Jeff to put in his office. It is something he will have forever. He loved it!
So after waiting and waiting and pushing it back, I finally gave in and took John in for his first haircut. It was a little long but it was curly and I loved it!!! However it did resemble a mullet or a Ba-Mullet as we called it (Baby Mullet). This is his hair wet. Once it dries it curls up. but it was a little long....

Here we are at Graham's. This is where Jeff and his dad get their haircut. Charles is the best! It is definitely not a place for a woman though. But they made an exception for today!

Here I am trying to tell Charles NOT to cut off all of his curls.

Yeah I was not making sense. Charles was like "You want a haircut but you dont want me to cut off the curls?????" His face says it all.... and you can see his hands showing me how much/ or little I should say I want cut off...
He looks at Jeff for clarification. Still confused. I am trying to show him but really I was not sure myself.

So finally I just said CUT IT! and look at my face. I could not even watch. AND NO I did not cry! I was a little upset but did not cry!

All done. John was pretty good. He was a little unsure about Charles touching his hair. We had to make it quick!

Here is the after product! No more mullet. But because his hair is curly, it looks uneven.

So we lived with a house that had green shutters and a navy door for the better part of a year. Then Jeff primmered the shutters so we could paint them to match the door. Well they sat like that for almost a month. Looking even worse than before. However at least it showed we had the intention to make them match! Here is the primmered shutters

Here is the finished product. It took 4 hours but was so worth it! We don't look like WT anymore!
And John was great the entire time. He playing in the front yard, took a nap, and ate lunch all while I painted. I have the best baby!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yay for haircuts! Yay for matching shutters! Yay for Summer!