Monday, May 17, 2010

14 months!

Well I am still not used to this computer that will not let me edit anything- copy and paste I mean!

So the pictures will be first!

Here is John with his new toy! He LOVES this mower! He mowed the yard while grandad edged the yard!

He thought this was the best thing ever! He would not get out! When we took him out he started screaming!

My sweetness!

Playing peek-a-boo in the car!

Well John is 14.5 months! Yes I am behind! I am so stressed finishing up the year and looking for a job because mine ends in two weeks! It was only a temp job for the year... I was not fired! :)

Well John has changed the most this past month!

- You are getting a little better about eating dinner!
- You love love love to give kisses!

- You still love to cuddle! Which I can't get enough of!

- You love to read books!
- You call me mama. When I leave the room you follow me saying "Mama, Mama, Mama..." It maybe the sweetest sound!

- You also call Daddy by Dada!

- You are almost 29 inches and are 21.5 lbs! Still a little baby! :)

You are the happiest baby I know! You are never not smiling and we just love that! I will upload Mother's Day next!


  1. Such a big boy walking!

  2. Mowing the lawn already! Send him on over to my house!