Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

Well Friday was a snow day and we actually got snow!!!!!!!!!! It was beautiful! It was like a winter wonderland! I got up early and went outside and took pictures b/c I knew the sun would melt everything by noon! We did not go out and play in it... John was a little under the weather and I just didnt want him playing in it. Plus since he can't walk, all he would be able to do would be to sit in it! So we looked at it through the window and watched movies and cleaned the house! It was a great break from school!!! Life is still crazy as it can get! I am so ready for summer!!! Here are a few pictures of the snow and a few of John!

Our backyard!!!

Front yard!

My precious baby! We have officially out grown our sink!

Just being silly!

Hope all is well your way!!

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  1. cute John! I love the snow pics. Can't wait for the big party!